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Hi I have the haemachromatosis gene and got my 42 yr old brother who complains of aches and pains in joints extreme tiredness low mood his results are serum ferritin 359 ug/l. (30 -400 ) Serum iron level 21.5 umol/l 10-30) serum transferrin 2.9 q/l (2-3.6) Percentage iron saturation 41.0 (30-40) it states high beside the last result but doctor has said satisfactory . I'm worried 😩

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  • Hbalc level 36 mol /mol. (20-40)

  • No great need for the worry - giving blood over a period of time will correct those figures. And should help eliminate the aches and pains - if they are due to inflammation.

    What were the ESR and CPR results? They are indicators for inflammation.


  • Hi and thank you for response . Would it be possible that he has haemachromatosis also . And I can't see that he has those done . What should he do next . Go back to gp fir gene test ?

  • Absolutely. It means that both your parents had the gene though not the disease. My nephew found he had it and was told to tell his siblings and relatives. His sister and brother are also now being treated thankfully. It is not the same test as just checking for iron levels. Maybe go with him . .not all doc's understand this.

  • I found the esr is that erythrocytes sedimentation the result is 11mm/hr. (2-15)

  • Lookslike he has inflamation from the aches. But if there is Hh in the family , he should certainly get tested. People die early because of undiagnosed Hereditary Haemocromatosis.

  • Thank u his gp said that his iron had to be consistently high ? I feel it's a money issue . I got the test done a few years ago after much pushing . I will get him to ask for this due to family history . Thank you

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