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Is anyone able to help me understand these results and the meaning? High iron serum/sat

I had self administered two B12 injections within 7 days (clearly too much) and was wondering if this could be the cause of the high Iron serum/sat? Is this anything to worry about? My Dr honestly didnt seem to know much about it herself...she mentioned sickle cell but I do not agree, as my rbc is not low. Can anyone give an opinion on if its something to get checked out or just nothing to worry about?...I do notice my Ferritin seems perfect

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Do you see a liver doctor? If not you should your labs as you know are abnormal let us know what they say. I had high iron and have to get blood taken out.


No I wasnt sure if it was necessary or not. Im never sure if these are just slight elevations or if there is a reason for concern. I should rephrase my above paragraph because ive not actually spoken with a Dr at all, only asked a nurse practitioner about it. Its hard to get answers....I wondering if I could just skip all Drs and go donate blood somewhere? lol.


You should see a liver doctor for the abnormal labs, I had slight elevations in alt and ast ended up with stage 2 PBC , if I would have seen a liver doctor sooner I would not be in this stage I would have caught it sooner and got treated sooner .....


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