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Credit where it's due

Had my first appointment at the hospital yesterday after diagnosis of CD. Was pleasantly surprised at how thorough the consultant was. He arranged several blood tests, booked a colonoscopy and endoscopy (not pleasant but necessary) and even asked my GP to give me a pneumococcal vaccine as he said my spleen was very small due to the CD.

I have complained about my GP's lack of knowledge of CD and read lots on this site about lack of follow up treatment at other hospitals so thought it would be good to put a positive blog on here about the NHS.

I think I'm lucky though as my hospital is one of the main teaching hospitals in London.

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Congrats Easiand. It's always nice to hear a positive story. Do make sure you let the hospital know how refreshing it was too. They have feedback processes.

Also please fill in our rate your hospital feature. Click 'hospital' on the main blue menu bar at the top of the page.

Does your hospital have the letters C, H, U in them at all?


Hi Fiona already rated on first appointment although would be higher on second.

No it doesn't, starts with a St and very central London


It's nice to know that some hospitals are getting it right. The hospital I work at has a good record too.


I had a really positive experience being diagnosed by my GP - who kept running blood tests, scans etc until a diagnosis of CD was made, explaining my weight loss, fatigue

and low calcium, iron and B12 levels. The gastro enterology dept at my local hospital (not in London) was also fantastic - thorough, knowledgeble and made the endoscopy and colonoscopy as 'unhorrible' as possible. My US friends are incredulous that this all come free on the NHS!


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