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My name is Claire I'm new here. This is my first post anywhere about gluten. For a long time I had a big bloated stomach that looked pregnant. I didn't know what it was. About four months ago I just ate fruit and vegetables and my stomach went flat. I figured out that it was happening every time I was eating gluten. I ate gluten by mistake a few times but I pretty much know about being gluten free now

When I'd eat gluten by mistake then stop I would get headaches for two days. I'd feel really nervous, anxious and scared. I have panic attacks and anxiety. I don't feel as anxious as I did since I gave up gluten. Not a huge amount but a bit

The hardest part for me is being vegan having a citrus allergy and corn gives me gluten affects. Where there's loads of great vegan gluten free products in the UK most of them seem to have corn in them. I'd love to talk to other vegans going through a similar thing but everyone is welcome to come and have a chat.

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  • I feel similar to you ortho I am not vegan ..been trying to do my own research on the matter ..i have also given up gluten and my anxiety has gotten a lot better. .. like you said about corn i think it's not just as simple as gluten for some people on order to feel well again need to at least temporarilygive up all grains. To allow the gut to heal..and get a rest ..sorry for spelling not a great phone and wearing fake nails not a good combo. :-)

  • Are you supplementing with vitamin B12, anxiety and panic attacks sound a lot like neurological symptoms of a B12 deficiency.

    Have you asked for a B12 and folic acid blood tests?

  • No I haven't had any tests. I don't take any vitamins. I should I know. Have you had panic and anxiety?

  • Before I was diagnosed with a B12 deficiency, anxiety and panic as well as short term memory loss and brain fog were all my symptoms. Not knowing anything about it, I thought I was suffering from early onset dementia,

  • How is your panic and anxiety now?

  • Gone. Brain fog still occurs occasionally but more due to gluten or dairy contamination. And then it is 24 hours after the contamination event due to the delay of the gut. The brain fog lasts until I have a large soft poo and then it goes away. I get another milder symptom recurring 24 later (48 after the contamination event).

  • I've had my panic attacks for 20 years. I have agoraphobia as well. I googled B12 and it said to eat a spoonful of nutritional yeast a day. I've ordered some tempeh and my Pure spread has vitamin B12 I eat that everyday

  • Have you looked at marmite or vegemite as they are yeast extracts? You may however need Mich higher levels for B12. You can't overdose B12 as it is water soluble and you pee away the excess.

  • I like Marmite. Used to have on toast. Haven't had toast since I've been gluten free

  • If you continue to be vegan, you do need to supplement vitamin B12. As pvanderaa mentioned, a B12 deficiency can cause quite a few symptoms, including anxiety.

    B12 only naturally occurs in meat and dairy products. If you remain vegan and do not take a supplement, you will become deficient, if you are not already.

    B12 deficiencies are a fairly well known problem for vegans. There are B12 products that are marketed specifically for this group, because it is such a well established stumbling block.

    Veganism is one of the few causes of B12 deficiency that can be corrected with oral supplements.

  • Thank you. I will get some :) Hopefully it will help

  • I've read that corn has its own type of gluten. Some people can't have it. It seems to be in most gluten free foods

  • Hi Claire, all I can say is don't despair. I am gluten, corn and soya free and vegan. I am also intolerant to a few other foods which wipes out most of the available off the shelf products. I eat plenty of nuts, avocado, pulses, seeds and make my own bread, flatbread and crackers. I have rice, quinoa and pasta ( made from rice, buckwheat or quinoa ) but checking every label diligently especially for contamination from soya and corn and lactose ( although I'm vegan I'm also severely intolerant to lactose as I found out when it was in a new asthma inhaler)

    I cut out grain and gradually introduce one item at a time so that my tum gets a chance to cope.

    I use yeast flakes quite a bit in my cooking and every ingredient with iron and b12 I can find I can tolerate and of course eat loads of fruit and veg particularly dark greens, spinach etc.

    I take only a spoonful most days but not all, of floravital, a gluten free iron and vitamin supplement which is the only one I can take after trying everything else. My body doesn't store iron so I do make sure to keep on top of it as I have a busy lifestyle as a dance teacher.

    The most important thing I can say is that I have just had blood results back this week. No anaemia, good b12 and all other vitals. It's taken time to get my diet perfect for me but I've proved it can be done. You will too!

  • Hi Sunny

    I've had to buy a bread maker. It took three attempts to get it right it's still not 100% bread like. I found a bread yesterday vegan gluten free no corn and there was orange in it! Is there private messaging on here I'd like to talk bread recipes

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