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Coeliac Disease and a Vaccine

Lots of research and trials are underway in Australia on developing a vaccine for Coeliac Disease which may eventually allow people with CD to consume foods as they did before the diagnosis, with gluten in.

If a vaccine was developed that allowed you or your child to eat gluten again would you welcome it and use it? Or has living life gluten free had some benefits which you'd like to retain e.g. more awareness of what goes into your food? Less reliance on processed fast foods?

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I would definitely use the vaccine! Even if there are advantages with eating gluten free foods there are more disadvantages. I hope that there is a way to get back to normal.


Interesting Online.

I have mixed views - on the one hand I get a craving for Dominos Pizza/ KFC Zinger Burgers every now and again, so it'd be great to have a vaccine or a pill to pop and splurge out occasionally. On the other, now that I'm used to eating gluten free I'm not sure I'd want to be able to go back to eating ready meals or unhealthy foods. Of course it would be great for eating out without the worry of cross contamination etc.

What do others think. Would you trust a vaccine? What would it enable you to do that you can't do now?


I think if you eat gluten you can still chose to eat healthy food. Of course when you eating out is always more and more difficult. How long you are following a gluten free diet? I do just from 1 year. Sometimes I have dreams that I am eating bread and after it realize that I shouldn`t do that. Last time turned out in my dream that I had almond bread. Is an interesting idea. haha

I don`t know if I would trust in a vaccine, probably I would like to have more info about it. I would try as there is not too big risque because if turns out that is not working I can always go back to eat gluten free meals again.

But I heard about an other option. Ayurveda can help. They say there are too much poison in your system, if you clean this out from your body then will turn back to normal. Even if we were probably born with this allergy, this can help. I went to an ayurvedic consultant and also I am reading a book which gives me clues. But if you just type in google next to any diseases ayurveda you can have many interesting ideas about healing. I don`t know what do you think about this.


Personally I think a vaccine would only mask an inherent problem in our food production. If our bodies are not designed to tolerate gluten why inject a 'poison' (for want of a better word) to force our bodies to accept it? We would have no idea of the long-term effects of such a vaccine until years later. Bearing in mind all the subsequent problems that have occurred in humans as a result of various vaccines I personally would not be eager or even willing to volunteer. It seems the wheat industry has successfully conned a lot of people into believing there is something 'wrong' with them if they cannot ingest gluten. It is rather the other way around. The massively over-processed wheat grain and their various products generated by the wheat industry are not healthy options. They are consumer products sold for profit, developed for speed and economy, not developed with human health in mind. This also applies to a lot of 'gf' processed products. The ingredients lists on many of these items is ridiculously long and contains far too many items purely required to give them some kind of shelf-life, not to mention the amount of sugar or sweeteners needed to mask the flavour of all these extra ingredients. Compare a healthy make-at-home recipe against a shop-bought gf item...


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