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Does anyone else continuously suffer from tendonitis or bursitis in more than one area of their body?

Before diagnosis of NCGS I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia which I think I had had for several years. I ached all over and identified with the symptoms of other sufferers on this site. Once I went GF this disappeared - within a month. In addition to having fibromyalgia over the years I had been diagnosed with bursitis in both hips and tendonitis in my left shoulder and rotator cuff in my right shoulder and also because of pain sent for xrays on my knees, feet and hips for arthritis. All clear of arthritis. In the past I have played a lot of tennis, windsurfed, water skied, ran 10 miles 4 x week and swam 1 mile 7 times a week. I didn't do this all in one week! For the last few years the only exercise I have been able to do is swimming,5 - 6 times a week (front crawl - I can't swim breast stroke as this makes my knees hurt), pilates, a bit of urban walking and cycle regularly. Over the last few years I have had a lot of episodes of tendonitis in my shoulders and received physio for this. I understand that tendonitis does wax and wane. However, I have now developed a painful elbow which I think could be tendonitis or something similar. I do rely on a computer for work and aware of the associated occupational problems. I seem to have a weakness in these areas of my body and wonder if this is related to NCGS or coeliac? I have read that there is an association with joints and muscles with coeliac and looked at previous posts on this site. I am seeing the doctor on Thursday so it would be good to know if anyone has any advice or information on this one. This tendonitis and bursitis seems to chase around my body which is such a nuisance. I always do warm up and cooling down exercises for swimming and take regular computer breaks.

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I don't have tendonitis but have suffered from carpal tunnel, back and knee problems. I have found that if I accidentally eat gluten, even a tiny amount that these joints show the signs before anything else, the same is true if I catch a cold. I now accept that these areas seem to show early signs or symptoms way before my stomach. I believe these have become weaker and are now attacked first and this would fit with tendonitis flaring up but its only a theory and probably makes no sense at all. Hope you find a solution


Thanks Cott97. I think carpal tunnel is also something that I may have and the elbow pain may be referred pain. I will wait for the doctor's diagnosis. Interesting point about effects on your joints when you have accidentally eaten gluten. I hadn't made that connection but it might be relevant. The last time I accidentally ate gluten was late last November. However, I do react to quite a lot of food but this usually manifests itself in the digestive system. Maybe I should keep a look out for what happens in my joints. I don't keep a food diary anymore so I am unable to pinpoint other food that could be responsible. But I am quite careful about introducing new food to my diet and do clock the intolerance by my digestive response which is usually quite quick. I wonder if there is a knock-on effect on joints later? I just seem to be so vulnerable to these conditions and I haven't met anyone else who has so many incidents of tendonitis etc.I know that my knees are dodgy and I avoid putting them under stress in case I get tendonitis in them. The doctors will say that it is because I am overweight but that doesn't affect the shoulders or elbows and my hips were shot away when I was 8 1/2 stone!


Of course you can have sero-negative RA and that would fit in with your symptoms and other autoimmune profile. Not everyone passes blood tests but has the conditions. I too have Bursitis in both hips and probably in the right shoulder. The left was frozen but seemed to disappear after treatment and Im told that can happen. I have now developed bursitis in my left elbow. I doubt very much your elbow pain is referred.

Gluten can cause systemic damage not just in the gut, most notably in the brain.

I was initially told I had Fibro but eventually had a stroke and dx with Hughes syndrome and Sjogrens syndrome which just added to my already dx Hashimotos. Those three autoimmune conditions tend to come as a trio.

I would advise you get your thyroid properly tested and by that I mean not just a TSH, you need a full Thyroid profile with antibodies and FT3 and FT4. Fibro is a bucket that many are put in when other tests come back negative but a good Doctor should be looking at your full medical history and family medical history to connect the dots. Being seronegative can be challenging for getting a proper dx but I have no doubt that there is more to you then Fibro!

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Thanks APsnotFab. This is scary for me. I did have thyroid tests but not sure if it was the full profile. The fibromyalgia has disappeared but the tendonitis/bursitis problem remains - but that was there well before the fibro. I have had 3 steroid injections for the hips and shoulders with only immediate relief - I will never have them again. I do respond well to physio. Unfortunately I do not know any of my family medical history. I have a really good GP but because of this she is so popular she is so busy and I have had to wait 8 days for an appointment with her. I think it is important to have consistency of care as this is when the doctor can look outside the box. Sometimes I completely shut down intellectually in the surgery and cannot remember what to say or respond appropriately to her questions. Ridiculous I know but that is what happens! Also I feel like a flippin hypochondriac in her surgery and outside. I mentioned before on this site one of my friends asked me if my problems were psychological. I think this is sometimes the problem with conditions that have symptoms rather than signs which is what I present with. I am overwhelmed by all this and trying to put everything together. How long have you had bursitis for and did/do you have treatment for this? Hip bursitis stops me sleeping and makes walking uncomfortable. I don't always have discomfort from it. Thank you for your reply it is most helpful and makes me feel I need to get more investigation.


Since I was dx with Sjogrens and Hughes I was put on Plaquenil, this is also now being given for a number of other autoimmune conditions including Lupus. It takes quite a while to kick in but can help with body pain and fatigue in particular.

I have had steroid injections for my bursitis but have had to stop as last year I had pericarditis after a bout of chondritis and a throat infection was treated with antibiotics and my adrenals and thyroid went into a dive! Endo basically said no more!

I find that Myofascial Release therapy works well for keeping things in line and for keeping flares at bay. Sometimes though they just happen and you have to ride through them. Try and find a good therapist near you. Where are you based (PM me your location) and I will see if I can suggest one in your area.

Hidden disabilities are always an issue with friends and relatives who just can't understand if you look ok why you don't feel ok! I don't give a dam what people think anymore, if they had to spend one day in my body when I have a bad day they would soon stop judging people by their looks.

When you go to the GP write it all down before you go and don't let the GP hurry you. Just say to her /him, "sorry but I just need a moment to think".


AbsnotFab you have such a lot to cope with. No wonder you don't care what people don't think. Thanks for the recommendation about Myofascial Release. I do have regular massage and have done for years - it is a sports massage - deep tissue. She has followed my health problems and adapts treatment accordingly. I do respond well to massage. Once I have seen the GP (I have already written down some notes!) then I will get back to you for the local contacts.

You have really started me thinking about the implications of continuous joint pain which I have always attributed to exercise and poor techniques. Not quite sure if I fit the sero-neg RA profile though except with sacroiliac joint pain. I read that hip bursitis is sometimes classified as greater trochanteric pain syndrome. Will do some more research all this but thank you so much for your time and help.


Hello APsnotFab, went to the doctor yesterday. Very prepared and thought I did a pretty good job of presenting my symptoms. Diagnosed with tennis elbow. I questioned whether an underlying cause influenced my susceptibility to these continuous problems and was reassured that is not the case. So in some ways I am obviously relieved, yet in other ways I am still left wondering if there is something else going on. I did find a website where others have this problem but did not discover anything significant. Thank you for the advice - it really helped me.


My pleasure :-)


I would like to support APsnotFab and her concerns about thyroid testing. So often just the TSH is tested when everything needs to tested including your anti-bodies. In my non-medical experience of helping others LOW FT3 is very common in many people. If you have had your thyroid tested - it may be a good idea to ask for copies of your blood tests and their ranges so that someone can help you - maybe on the Thyroid Support forum of HU.

If you have Hashimotos - the most common of thyroid illness - it is auto-immune - so it is VERY important to have the thyroid anti-bodies tested. Anti-TPO and Anti-Tg.

Also what are your levels of VitD B12 Ferritin Folate Iron. All these need testing and to be HIGH in their ranges for you to metabolise thyroid hormones even without a thyroid issue :-)

Hope your tennis elbow soon improves....I play tennis and I do suffer from time to time :-) Vitd is anti-inflammatory as well as being a steroidal pre-hormone - so could be helpful.

Searching the net with - Thyroid and Frozen shoulder - will give you some good links - and most of the ones I have looked at indicate Low Thyroid as making people susceptible....


Thank you Marz. You certainly have a lot of experience in this area and thank you for passing on this info. I don't know what to think now! I read the stuff about joints/tendons and links with thyroid and I am convinced this fits with my profile. I was sure that my GP was going to do blood tests and consider some alternatives when I saw her yesterday. She thought there was an explanation for my elbow problems. Whilst reassured that she considers I am susceptible to these problems and there is nothing more serious wrong with me I was also a bit disappointed. Reading the info it seems surprising she didn't do anything else. Two thoughts have crossed my mind. Firstly, she is unaware of the links and thinks that my thyroid is okay as I was tested 14 months ago (I don't know what test I had); secondly, is there a financial implication? Our CCG is having some problems and I wonder if this has an impact on investigations? Both of these things are difficult to follow up. I guess I will just have to wait a while and see how things go. Since

going GF the fibromyalgia improved considerably - even disappeared. What I have now is different but was also present with fibromyalgia. I do find it so difficult to lose weight and since being on low carb diet for quite a few weeks have lost about 3 lbs. I think this may be another sign of thyroid problems. My GP knows I am physically very active and struggle with weight loss but doesn't have an answer. Thank you for your time.


I think it is more than just money - the thyroid and its workings is very complicated - just too much for GP's. They are often out of their depth. There is a website where you will find all the information you will need to help you understand more. Importantly there is a page that informs you that you are entitled to have copies of your test results and ranges - so it would be interesting to know what your reading was all those months ago. probably just the TSH was done.

There is a page on the website explaining fibro and the importance of Vitamins. Again Docs are out of their depth with vitamins as it's not part of their training. That comes under Prevention :-) They are paid for prescribing AD's et al.

May I suggest you spend time looking at the Thyroid Support forum on HU. Click onto Communities on the green bar at the top of this page. Click onto T and Thyroid Support should appear - click and I think you can view the News Feed without having to sign in. May give you some idea of the calibre of knowledge there. All the Administrators are Top Dollar and many others.

After over 50 years of illness - see profile ! - I have found wellness. I have learnt a great deal from the forum and also from people/Docs that think OUTSIDE the box.

Am happy to help if appropriate... I live in Crete and we keep all our own records/scans etc. Easier for testing too - less red tape and the private sector is cheap ! I have helped at least 10 people with results and every time the FT3 was low in the range. Again have a search for Low T3 Syndrome and see what appears !

Sorry to be a pain - but I have been VERY poorly and can appreciate wellness....I want to share it....


I had this until I quit gluten and since have none for the years I quit gluten.


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