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I am a final year student studying Business and Marketing at Plymouth University. As part of my degree I have decided to create and produce a gluten free lunch on the go product. A close friend of mine suffers from Coeliac Disease and we have found that there is often no choice of lunch on the go products available for quick consumption which can cause great inconvenience.

This should only take a couple of minutes of your time; your responses would be gratefully received and any extra suggestions or advice that you may have on the product would be grately appreciated :)

Thanks in advance!!

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All done.

Best of luck Steph4, would be useful to have something like that in the market.

Thanks Roger89. I really think that this would be beneficial not only to people who suffer from coeliacs disease, but also people who wish to exclude wheat from their diet for health reasons.

Done! Good luck with developing your product. I think a gluten-free pasta product is an especially good idea as whilst I've seen the occasional gluten-free sandwich in M&S etc, I don't think I've ever seen an on-the-go gluten-free pasta box...

I've done your survey, even though I live in Canada. I think your product concept is good. I've had single serving entres made of gluten free pasta here. I don't eat rice pasta because of the textural change when it is reheated. I realize that's a tempting choice, but I'd be very careful of the product quality if you go in that direction. You would get more consistent, desireable results with rice or potatoes.

Best wishes for success.

The survey implied that I should have heard of the product, but I haven't. Most GF snacks are too expensive in my opinion, and are almost certainly cold, so if I know I am going to have to eat while out I make up a snack using GF bread to take with me.

I understand McDonalds burgers and fries are GF so I might take a GF burger bun next time i travel and try it.

Places where people are 'on the go' , and often need a quick meal ,such as airports are usually useless for gf food,

Done the survey - wasn't keen on the "flavour" options but selected the most palatable in my eyes (but then you won't please all of the people all of the time)

Waitrose do Gluten Free Sandwiches and very tasty they are if you are lucky enough to find any

I've done the survey and think it has potential, it would have to list ALL the ingredients for those of us who have issues with oats etc. My biggest criticism of many wheat free, gluten free foods is the additives and saturated fat content.

I laughed at the question why have I bought a gluten free product?... to eat LOL

Lastly good luck with this.

I've filled the questionnaire in, very interesting. Would love to have a gf pasta snack for a change as never too keen on gf sandwiches. I work at the airport and can never find anything gf to eat available for lunch, so would be good to find this in places such as Starbucks, Pret A Manger, Eat, WH Smiths & Boots. All the best for going ahead with this:-)

Done the survey, great idea, i am retired now so dont really need lunch on the go, but when i do travel always end up with a big mac no bun, rather messy, would be good to see something different. Have not found GF sandwiches yet, always looking out for them, just out of curiosity really.

Good luck

Hi Steph,

I have filled in your survey, it is a great idea and I wish someone would take it up along with ready made gf sandwiches.

Gail xx

Hi, I have to follow a wheat/gluten and dairy free diet due to illness and it is very difficult to find lunchtime on the go snacks. When out and about it would be lovely to be able to get a snack that is both suitable for me and not too expensive. Gluten/wheat and dairy free products are far more expensive than regular foods.

I know that M&S and Waitrose stock gluten free sandwiches, although they quite often sell out really quickly or aren't available every day. I have noticed that Costa stock gluten free cakes which is great as they do latte's with soya milk too.

I look forward to more gluten/wheat and dairy products being more widely available.

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Hi, saw your comment and you are so right. I do bake gluten free cakes with a caribbean influence. Taste and texture are so important. If you would like to have a look give me your feedback. However, most people forget the decorations being gluten free where necessary as well. I was shocked to find that gluten is found in some cherries for xmas cake so I hope to help all I can or share my knowledge. Great post. Have a great 2012.

Thank you so much for completing the survey and for the helpfull advice! I will be sure to take it all on board when developing the product!!

Hi Steph. Filled in the survey. Would love to see more allergy friendly products on the shelves and I long for the day when we with food intolerance are able to just go into a shop and pick up lunch as other regular people can do!

Good luck with this project! you will need to watch the pasta because some of it tastes awful cold and is a horrible texture ( just soggy) and is yuk! I have found that the juvella macaroni and fusily both taste ok cold and if not overcooked at all they can both be reheated and still ok! I would say they are the best of a bad bunch!

If you go for sandwiches the genius bread is the best of a really awful bunch! lol.

The problems I have found with eating outside at lunchtime are that if you are having to go for gluten free and having to have some carbohydrate ( I am diabetic also) the only choice is a baked potato which cost a lot where I live too (3.00 plus fillings). As a result I live on homemade soup but it can be a pain because you need to be in a place with a microwave to reheat it!

Good luck!

All done, good luck.

Done and really pleased if we could have more decent choices in this area. If I am away traveling for work or holiday I find its a nighmare at train and bus stations as well as airports to get a sandwish or anything decent to eat if you are on the go. This is an area where all these sites should have one option of GF instead of the usual cakes and biscuits! What I usually do is have somthing to take with me but on the way back get the hotel etc to make up a pack lunch and I take it with me. But it would be nice to be able to be like everyone else and pick up a sandwish etc on the way.

The only gluten free pasta dish I have had, was at an Italian Place who serve gluten free pasta on request, perhaps they could be approached to do pasta on the go, as there are not enough places to buy what we need when we are out.

Good Luck in your business & marketing studies

I will do the survey but noticed many people want food for food allergies and intolerances which is generally my offering at Foodtruly Ltd with a CARIBBEAN INFLUENCE -, TASTE and TEXTURE is our No.1 policy so any questions do not hesitate in asking.

Would love to share where I can to help you in your project Steph4 and all the very best with product development.

All done.

Great idea most coffee shops offer choclate brownie gluten free, and they think they are doing us a favour !!!!

this would be great especially if it was milk,celary and nut free

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