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Celiac petition - would you help us sign?


I'm a fellow Celiac from the states. Please help us sign this petition through on behalf of an 11 year old girl named Erin Everett and her mom - here is the link:

There's been an outpouring of support from around the world. It's truly inspiring. Together, let's make our voices heard - and facilitate better education, awareness, and compassion for this disease. Thank you :)

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I would but I cannot find that actual petition.


Hi Kaarina,

If you go to - and type "Dr. Drew" in the Search field, it will bring up a list of petitions and the Celiac petition for Dr. Drew is listed first. Hope this helps. Thank you for your interest :)


Thank you, I have now signed.

Kaarina :)


Thank you Kaarina - your support means a lot. Our Coeliac friends from the UK and abroad have been amazing!


Signed and shared on Facebook and Twitter. I hope it makes a difference. Thank you for all your efforts to help others and raise awareness of this awful disease :-) xx


Thank you Enquiring - it does make a difference. Every person's voice matters. So many patients are struggling to be heard. We are now at over 2200. Big hugs to you & take care.