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Struggling to avoid contamination from lentils, beans - where can i get protein? Don't eat meat (that includes all meat ie fish, chicken)

Hi all

I'm finding that all my usual protein sources, kidney beans, black eye beans, butter beans and lentils appear to be contaminated as i have symptoms after.

Don't know what to eat anymore. Have been vegetarian for nearly 30 years. Went g free in Aug 12 and now struggling to find quality meals.

Stir fries and soups do not fill me - i need alot of food as i do weight training/running every day and have done for about 20 years. I'm hungry! :-(

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Hi again Bluedafodil, I eat this:


I am not a veggie but really like it and it's high in protein it's no good if you have an issue with nuts. You can fry it in slices or just eat slices in a gf bun etc.

Also I'd have thought that quinoa was a good alternative for you as it contains all the nutrients our bodies need to function on. Our bodies need 23 vital amino acids and make 15 but need 8 from the food we eat and quinoa contains all 23.

Pumpkin seeds are also high in protein.

I'm off to the kitchen as I'm cooking a gf Christmas dinner and I hope this help and have a good Christmas.


BlueDaffodil - it sounds like you need to have a good discussion with a dietitian. What have they advised you? A lot of foods fall into the FODMAP group and are hard for most people to digest and should be avoided if you react badly to them. A dietitian can guide you through this process.


I have been given NO advice and no referrals by useless NHS GP, I manage all my diseases myself. Changed NHS GPs numerous times and each one as useless as the next.


Hi there BlueDaffodil, Just after diagnosis is a difficult time for most that go gluten free. There is so much to learn and unlike other subjects there are no teachers of gluten free living. I too, had no help on changing my diet to a gluten free one and have increased my knowledge over a period of time.

What you may find useful if you have an Asian shop nearby is that as their diet isn't based around wheat and barley, many of their pulses are pure with regard to gluten ... obviously, as with all pulses you will still need to soak and thoroughly wash beans, peas, lentils, rice, dahl, etc. They also have gluten free flours such as tapioca flour, sago flour, rice flour, etc ... avoid at all costs Tempura flour as this on most occasions will contain MSG.

One of our members here has a wonderful full list of a variety of flours that you may find a useful addition to your diet:


Plus - here is a useful Vegan site which offers quite a lot of useful information that you may find quite helpful:


There are a lot of well established gluten free members here so if you fancy trying out something but are unsure where it is available, then please do ask and there is usually someone here that will be able to help you find where you can get it from.

Just an added thought, are you using sauces of any kind with your pulses because some of these do cause problems with members' diets as there are often hidden gluten in sauces.

I hope that this helps a little, and that you still manage to have a wonderful Christmas.

Best wishes, x


Is not being vegetarian an option? I think it's much easier to eat a wholesome diet if it contains some meat or fish because they are such good nutrient sources.


I know this might sound a little daft but have you washed your pulses really well before cooking? a throw back to the 70's when they used to be quite dirty and needed washing, I find that i don't have any bothers from them even though sainsbiurys have the warning on them now but I have always washed them thoroughly


I use dried soya mince which I buy in a health food shop, though I have seen it in some supermarkets. As it's dried you soak it in a little water then can use like normal mince. I also noticed sainsburys are now sellin frozen veggie burgers.


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