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Coeliac with high Cholesterol and weight gain - Help!!!

Just received blood test results - my cholesterol is 6.8.I am struggling with my weight for the first time in my life I was always skinny before being diagnoed coeliac 5 years ago now I am struggling to not put eight on I am around 13 stones and can't seem to lose any I am 5' 8" so not obese but not slim either. I seem to be eating healthy fruit veg chicken fish steak gluten free cereal with blueberries raspberries bananas using alpro almond milk as dairy milk bloats and constipates me. I drink tea with sugar.Wine or cider occassionally.Gluten free custard cream biscuits as a treat. I use glutafin select fresh bread which I get on prescription and freeze. I sometimes have glutafin pizza bases and add cheese ham tomatoes.

I eat salad rice jacket potatoes baked beans bacon eggs cheese etc... where am I going wrong???

I need to have my cholesterol checked again in two weeks time HELP!!!

I need to have low cholesterol to take isotretinoin tablets for my acne.

Any suggestions are very welcome - Thank you!

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sugar gets converted into fat if not used i think, and rice potatoes gf pizza bases and most gf brand foods contain loads of sugar.

Can i ask how much of these products you eat in a typical day? and how much exercise you get?


I exercise by walking everywhere - aswell as walking my dog. I am quite active but thinking about joining local gym classes. Pizza bases very occassionally. Potatoes daily - Rice weekly. I forgot to mention my age if that helps? I am 51yrs young lol


I'm not a doctor and can't answer your question directly, but I can tell you what worked for me. I had cholesterol problems that my medical doctor and I corrected with Vitamin C therapy. She had done research on this topic. I took Vitamin C gradually increasing to tolerance (where it gave me diarrhea). I now take 4000 IU units of Vitamin C every day to control my cholesterol, triglycerides and HDL. My husband takes 8000 IU. Each person is unique.The Vitamin C boosts liver function and helps rid the body of the toxins it doesn't need. This research is based on the work of Dr. Linus Pauling. If you wish to know more you can check it out here:

His books are fascinating reading too.

Perhaps it is something that you and your doctor might discuss - my experience is that is natural, inexpensive and works. Best wishes for success!


Will speak to my dermatologist about this when I next see her and find out my blood test results in two weeks time Thank you! for your response to my question


Hi, get your thyroid checked out. I put 3 stone in what felt overnight. Turned out I have an under active thyroid. With medication I am now thin again :)


Hi , i totally agree about getting your thyroid checked out and if it is a problem don't just go on thyroxin like your GP will want you to but find yourself a good Nutritional Therapist. With a slight change in diet and supplementation you can correct this naturally!!

Good luck


It's a tricky one but I would try and cut down on the potatoes and bread (try having one or the other each day) and substitute them for veg/salad. Sweetener instead of sugar, etc. etc. Similarly, the cheese and bacon won't be doing your cholesterol any favours.

I think the most important thing, however, is probably to lose weight! Your body mass index is in the 'overweight' range so if anything is going to sort your cholesterol out, it's this. Making a few small changes to your diet and maybe going to the odd gym class will probably be fine, seeing as you're quite an active person anyway.

Megadoses of vitamin C have absolutely no proven benefit. If, despite lifestyle changes, you have to go on statins, it's not the end of the world.


I had an appointment with the dietician on Monday, and I was shocked by how much fat and sugar is in GF bread and cereals in comparison with their non GF alternatives. She showed me one bread roll that had 340 calories in it. So not only do we have to check the GF but also the calories fats and sugars. I am making my own in future. So it is quite easy to be eating too many calories and put on weight whilst GF and then as a result up your cholesterol. I would cut down the carbs and the fat a little. Particularly cheese.


I have just made an appointment with my GP for Thursday of this week. I am going to see what she as to say. Will ask about a different GF bread that's hopefully less fattening,as I eat sandwiches most days for lunch with salad or Tomato soup, no idea what else to eat in my lunch hour other than a jacket potato? Have only just found out that I have high cholesterol never been an issue before? But the tablets I need to take for my skin have side effects with cholesterol, if it gets to high I won't be able to take it (it's only for 4-6 months) I know I should be around 11 to 12 stones and then perhaps my cholesterol wouldn't be so high? but I can't seem to shift the extra weight? Maybe menopause is an issue here too? Never been an heavy weight before? I was always stick thin probably due to CD, I have put on a least 3 stones over the last few years. Ive tried making my own bread but don't always seem to get the time, plus I wasn't to keen on it, but if that's the answer then I will have to. Any ideas on a less fattening bread I can get on prescription before I see my GP on Thursday? Thank you!!! to everyone who as answered my questions :)


Try making your own bread & don't put any sugar in it. Northern Soul is right - mega doses of vitamin C have no benefit. The best source of Vitamin C is the sewage system as most of it cannot be used by the body. I am trying to gently lose weight by just cutting down on everything & trying to lose my sweet tooth. Sugar substitutes are also not good for us - merely a money spinner for the producers!!

Good luck, it's not easy but worth it.


Fish oil capsules can help - but talk to your doctor about them. I hvae 4 of these a day (prescribed) and they have brought all of my unhealthy blood fat levels down. I wanted an alternative to statins...


If you still want cheese try a low fat one and grate it so you don't use as much. Good luck


Hope you've had some luck with the dietician.

I am a few years older than you and have found that it has definitely become harder to lose weight - it's the changing hormones! Although the official advice on weight management is to make carbohydrates/grains the central part of your diet, I have found it impossible to maintain a healthy weight following this advice. I have also found that going low fat left me permanently hungry, so have kept butter, olive oil and plain full fat yoghurt in my diet.

I start the day with a protein meal. If I need a packed lunch I will have only one slice of bread and more 'filling', and rarely eat jacket potatoes. I make vegetable/lentil soup and always bake extra vegetables etc to have cold. Being aware which food has a low GI has also helped

Cholesterol levels tend to go up at the menopause, but unless you have high blood pressure or heart problems I wouldn't worry too much, as northernsoul said the most important thing is to lose some weight. I have friends on statins which have had unpleasant side effects, I would only take them as a last resort.

I have lost weight slowly on this diet, I hope you can find what works for you..


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