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Onion powder in products such as baked beans

Believing that baked beans are ok i tucked into a cooked breakfast. Eithin an hour i jad tummy sche and jpint psins. I was exhsusted snd had to go back to sleep. Later i researched this and found some brands use onion powder such as Branston and it seems this may have been the cause. Heinz baked beans fo not use it and the are fine. So warch out fir onion powder on the ingredient labels. X

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Hi Mandy - there is a quick shopping list checker for gluten in foods which I'll link underneath - but remember when it says 'gluten free' they are still allowed to have up to 20ppm gluten within the ingredients and still be within the law. So if something upsets your tummy then I would say even if it says 'gluten free' it is best avoided. It might well be on the upper side of the 20ppm!

Here is the shopping guide site:


ThNks for the advi e and the link.


Mandy63 - onion powder is not usually associated with gluten. Is there a particular reason why you think this is a 'no go' product?

Are you ok with fresh onions? Many people experience a reaction when eating them, with IBS type symptoms. In fact onions are a 'no go' on the FODMAP diet which is being recommended more and more for IBS symptoms.

I've checked with the Bioni web page and they list their beans as containing 'onion powder' but they are gluten free

From the supermarket we usually grab the Heinz beans, which are gluten free. Many beans use the term 'flavourings' which isn't helpful.. Here's the detail for the Branston beans,


Thanks. Maybe i am sensitive to onion. I will try to cut it out.


i have aldi baked beans witch are fine but carnt have branston they make me have cramps too so it might be the sauce they use do you think?


Most beans are also on the no-go list for FODMAP diet. I've managed to reintroduce chickpeas, garden peas, puy lentils and kidney beans into my diet but there is no way I can go near any brand of baked bean.


I avoid anything with modified starch on the label including baked beans as i react to everything including gf food which has it in it. i found this made me ill as well if eaten to often or in a large amont such as in a sauce it makes it very hard to keep my eyes open and feeling ill.

I also have IBS and found after years and blaming the gluten,realised that was raw onion causes of the constent bloating and stink. I realised this after completely stopping all gluten but was still bloated and exstremely windy. I was so bloated one day i looked 6months pregnant. I find i can eat small amounts of cooked onion but not to offten other wise i bloat again.

A family member has a nasty reaction to cooked onion resulting in cramps which we have identified as possible IBS.


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