Is it possible to be tolerant of something one day and then not another?

I ask this question as I'm gluten intolerant. On Saturday lunchtimeI had gf pitta breads and a sour cream & chive dip (pitta breads were toasted in the same toaster the family uses and has never caused a problem before). I had the same on Sunday evening about 6pm. As soon as I finished the meal my stomach felt so awful that I thought I was coming down with a stomach bug. Yesterday I felt awful and slept most of the day. Today I felt better so came back to work. Now I don't know if I had a slight stomach bug or it was something I ate or the time I ate it. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mags

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  • Hi Mags, My understanding of both gluten intolerance and coeliac disease is that we gradually become more heightened to its prescence. If we share a home with family members who do not have problems with gluten then we will, at some point, suffer the effect from cross-contamination and have to keep as much as we can separate.

    Your condition may well be a tummy upset but the chances are that your body is beginning to warn you that is has received something that it is not very happy about.

    In my own circumstance, I have found particularly over the last twelve months that I am having to be 'ultra' careful. I only use cornflour perhaps once per week and then no more than a teaspoon and even with this I had to change brands as I found I began to have a lasting headache and a queasy feeling. I am currently all right with the current brand but if it happened again then cornflour would be binned permanently. (Cornflour not being a gluten grain but obviously cross-contaminated at some point during manufacture from the corn to the dust.)

  • i am ok with cornflour but only brown and polston the cheeper brands are no good and also pack bacon i react to

  • It is sometimes so difficult to get hold of known brands. In our area most of the supermarkets tend to have a lot of their own brand produce. I have always at least, believe always been all right with cornflour until about six weeks ago and then couldn't fathom out what the problem was at first - as I use such a small amount for thickening .. eventually sussed it could be the cornflour and so changed the brand and appear to be ok with the current one. I suppose it could be the fact the the assistants sometimes have them side-by-side with standard flour bags on the stacker trolleys when filling up the shelves and flour bags always appear to be dusty with stray flour. Ah well, trial and error ..

  • I wonder if your reaction might be due to the sour cream (dairy allergy).

  • Happens to me but much milder.

  • Thanks to you all for your support. This is the worst I've been since being diagnosed. CarolRR it really could be the sour cream as I haven't had it in ages. I also had some cream at lunchtime (it was delicious with Grand Marnier and oranges!), so maybe the two combined didn't help. Lynxcat, I'll keep an eye on cornflour. I don't use it very often and am not sure how much I'll use it as I've found that casseroles I've thickened with and frozen when defrosted are very runny. It's a nuisance that different things cause us all such different problems, but I suppose it's what makes us all so interesting!!

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