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Wheat free to gluten free is there a progression?

Hi all, at the moment I feel a bit of a fraud on here as I am only wheat free/intolerant or whatever you like to call it. I was taking gaviscon or similar after almost every meal and was so bloated I could cross my arms and rest them on my belly. Anyway, I had a test at a health food shop and it concluded that I had wheat intolerance, within a week of stopping wheat I had no stomach pains and my belly was much, much smaller. Shortly after this my sister's doctor decided that with her problems and my wheat prob that she should be tested for Ceaeliacs and she was positive, I have since been tested but was negative.

My question is, is it possible for my intolerance to develop into ceaeliacs? I ask as I am starting to get more stomach probs and other probs that may or may not have bearing. I do try hard to avoid gluten as well even though I have no real evidence that it is a problem for me.

thanks in advance


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Hi Martyn, if you were avoiding wheat and gluten to some extent then if the test that you had was the IGA blood test then it could easily be negative as you were not ingesting gluten or enough for the test to be conclusive.

I would go to your GP and discuss things with them and you will have to eat gluten to be tested positive whether it is an endoscopy or the IGA blood test.



Hi Jerry and Tony62, thank you for answering so quickly. As far as I am aware only my sister is coeliac, another sister has MS which is obviously totally unrelated. The rest of the family are "normal". If I remember correctly I had to eat gluten for 2 weeks before I was tested (endoscopy). Think I will have to go back to my GP as normally if I have eaten any gluten I know within 20 minutes, take some gaviscon and am ok in a few minutes-an hour, just the other day though I gave in and ate a scotch egg (yes I know very stupid) but I had problems for 2 days this time which is not normal for me.



Martyn, I believe there is some sort of genetic link between MS & coeliac, I don't understand quite how it works, & not saying that one thing causes the other, but they do seem to be 2 conditions that "hang around together". When my daughter was tested, she had to eat at least 2 slices of bread every day for 6 weeks - even still she came up negative (but is LOTS better on a gluten free diet).



Hi Martyn

I am exactly the same as you , very obviously wheat intolerant but test results show negative to coeliac. However my WHOLE health has improved so much by avoiding wheat that I'm sticking with the regime. My local coeliac group are happy for me to join them as I have to watch everythig that I eat (just like they do) I just dont get any prescription food. Having just read Wheat Belly by William Davis that might be a good thing too.



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