What are your experiences of eating nightshade vegetables?

Been gluten free for 6 months now and noticing I seem to have problems. It's taken me a while to connect itchy scalp and forearms, excessive histamine reactions(sneezing),aching stiff arm, muscle cramps and poor sleep with potatoes and possibly tomatoes and peppers. I noticed these effects after cutting out some strongly antihistamic medications, which I thought I didn't need after getting rid of gluten.

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  • Hi Chlorophyle,

    It's interesting you should bring this up. I have recently participated in a 3 week cleanse, omitting meat, fish, dairy, nightshades, caffeine, alcohol, sugar. The re-introduction of these foods was done step by step and I ate potatoes for the first time on Sunday (I never usually eat potatoes anyway, but figured I would try it). Since then I have had significant joint pain in my knees, just like I used to get on a 'regular' diet which included potatoes.

    Nightshades are certainly one of the groups of foods that a significant number of people have reactions to.


  • Thanks for your reply, Andrea. I found it interesting that the nightshades as a food group have an action to switch off particular enzyme reactions and they also happen to be among the most heavily-sprayed of our crops, contaminated by pesticides which affect the same enzymes, so a double whammy. I too had given them up before and began to eat them again to share some of the same foods with my partner, who accompanied me on my gluten-free trials and now neither of us can go back, as we've both become totally intolerant of gluten.

  • i am the same carnt eat jacket potatoes hatticut beans or mash makes me foggy head and mrs tiolet sets in

  • Hi Chlorophyle

    I can't eat a lot of tomato & definitely a no no to peppers. Ok with potato tho. Anything really dark red or purple seem to be the issue for me as oppossed to the specific nightshade group.

    However, lots of info about different food groups on the following websites & it indicates that if you cut out the problem foods for 12 months or so after coming off gluten, your gut will heal quicker & then you can normally introduce them again without any problems. Here's hoping!




  • thanks for the information, Virgolizzy. I took a look at the websites and found it very useful. I noticed the diet mentioned was SCD based. I have not really gone down that road yet.

  • Hi,

    Ok I was told NOT to eat White skin potatoes but RED SKIN ARE OK ?? this nurse said white potatoes and tomatoes have the same 'thing' in them which isn't in red, and also to stay clear of nightshades.

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