What to eat.

I'm gluten intolerant, I don't have the more severe symptoms but I do avoid gluten completely. The think is I'm now having symptoms with gluten free breads and pastry as well. Is this "normal"?

After the festive period with its excesses I would like to cut the carbs but don't know which way to turn. I'm a vegetarian which limits me further. Giving up bread etc. would be difficult.

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  • Hi Beaton.

    I'm a vegetarian Coeliac. Subsequent to going gluten-free, I also found that I had intolerances to dairy & soya. I also have to limit my egg and buckwheat intake. If that wasn't enough, peanuts give me heartburn...!

    I think it could be that you are reacting to just one ingredient in the bread and pastry. Could it be egg? Or maybe it's one of the flours such as tapioca?

    Good luck tracking down what's giving you the problems.

  • Thanks Regalbirdy.x I must admit I don't like eggs so don't know if they cause problems. I don't eat soya as I have a thyroid problem. I did have a bad reaction to tapioca once and the rice cakes I have just started have seeds including buckwheat. :(

  • I react badly to xanthan gum, which seems to be used in a lot of bread/pastries etc. it acts as a laxative.

    Have you tried quinoa? It's got a reasonable protein content if you're veggy.

  • Thanks Penal,I'll bear it in mind.xx

  • This is difficult for you, but if you want to know whether you're reacting to the GF foods, you need to eliminate them for a few weeks. If your symptoms improve, you'll have your answer. I'm intolerant of them, as are many people. It's not an easy thing to consider if it means losing a lot of your diet, I know.

    All the best for 2015


  • Thank you.xx

  • Could you try substituting the bread with plain rice cakes, corn thins ( Sainsburys) and nairns gluten free oatcakes?

  • As others have mentioned, I too found that dairy caused me problems after going GF (and still does over 2 years later). In addition, I had bread obtained on prescription that contained codex wheat starch, and I found that over time that was making me feel much worse, and so now avoid that.

    It can be difficult pinning down exactly what is causing the problem, as the symptoms can be slow to appear, and of course we are all different. Advice I have read in the past suggested that newly diagnosed with CD should avoid dairy and oats (even GF oats) for the first 12 months. I wish I had been given that advice at the beginning, rather than 18 months later!!

    Good luck, and hope you feel better soon.

  • Thank you Erdfreak, I do feel that I've been facing this alone,my GP tends to shrug his shoulders and hasn't referred me to anyone. xx

  • I know how you feel, I was only diagnosed because 'eventually' I saw a locum at my surgery who was clued up. After diagnosis, I was referred to see a dietician at the hospital, and while she meant well, it wasn't a 'very useful' trip. I found out more online before going. I have learnt more from reading this forum and googling various topics than I have ever got from the medical professionals. However, I think some areas are more clued up than others. For example, I found a checklist from a Birmingham Coeliac Review Clinic that helped enormously with my 'annual review' at my surgery (which I only got after the second year BTW :) ). If you haven't been referred to a dietician, it might be worth requesting one, hopefully yours will be better than mine.

  • Thanks Erdfreak, Two years ago I asked my GP for a referral,turned out he had referred me to class session that was more about calories in pasties than anything else. Again I asked and again he referred me to the same class,this time I was wise,phoned them to check it was the same and was told to get back to my GP and explain his mistake. This I did last September. He apologised and said he would re due the letter. I'm still waiting.

    So I know what you mean about the medical profession. But I think I'm going to have to go back to him. :(

    I'll keep looking on here and other sites and pages. xx

  • That's awful! have you considered speaking to PALS about your lack of appropriate help?

  • Good point Regalbirdy. Next week I'll sort this out.xx

  • As has been said before you may well have another intolerance. As well as being an official Coeliac (yay me !) , I am also intolerant to dairy, soya, citrus and caffeine.

    I always recommend being tested by a homeopath. Painless, and quick, and in my case very accurate. Over the years I've been able to eliminate food that I know will cause me problems the next day.

    Not everyones cup of tea I know, but it's worked for me.

  • Hi Barry,why didn't I think of that.thank you.xx

  • Aretas the Cappadocian 2nd century I think , said about coelias disease, the juice of the plantain doeth good, so eat bananas,!!!!

    anyway aside from that, it must be difficult being vegetarian, but what about lentils , beans , potatoes, and every kind of veg and, actually bananas really are good for coeliacs, and they satisfy that need for carbs. I made a delicious tray bake today with potato, courgette, aubergine, cherry tomatoes and olives, I did top with cheese,

    After reading these posts I think i had very little trouble because I couldn't get bread in SA when first diagnosed and living in UK I have more problems because I can get bread and cakes , I feel much healthier and livelier when I do cut the sugars and carbs,

    There are lots of books in libraries, one often finds some lovely recipes there, try the GI books as well

  • If bread has become a problem, cutting down on the carbs could be a good idea. Hopefully it shouldn't matter that you are vegetarian, although it can take a while for the body to adjust to the lack of carbs.

    This is one informative site for general information.


  • Hi Beaton - how about chick-pea flour pancakes instead of bread....Madhur Jaffrey has a good recipe. I just use flour and water and add the seasoning that takes my fancy....having cooked them in olive oil or coconut. Then cover them with home-made spreads - like zucchini hummus :-)

    Good luck :-)

  • Thank sounds good thanks Marz.xx

  • You can combine chick pea flour with cooked sweet potato or cooked spinach to make a more substantial pancake (I tend to add an egg as well). If you are ok with buckwheat flour it makes tasty pancakes, and you could also try corn bread.

  • Thanks Penel,I'll try that.xx

  • Hi Beaton,

    Try a website called Deliciously Ella. All of her recipes are gluten free and vegan. I live by it for 80% of the time as the GF breads etc give me terrible reflux. Like you I know I have other intollerances but am struggling to pinpoint them. Seem to be ok with Ella's recipes though. Hope you feel better soon.


  • Thanks Jen,I'll look Ella up.xx

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