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Are Coeliacs able to have a Proctography examination done when the mix they use is essentially gluten?

I have to have a Proctography examination done 2moz for a suspected Rectal Prolapse but to do this examination they mix barium with flour/oats and then place this inside your then have to pass this mixture. I'm concerned that even though I wont be absorbing all of it, it will still kick up my coeliacs. Has anybody had any experience with this? xx

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I haven't experienced this, although I've had a barium enema. Would it be possible to have the barium mixed with something of the required consistency but gluten free, I wonder? Have you managed to tell the hospital about your concerns?

Hopefully it won't cause you any problems.

Good luck with this Kirsty.


Thank you so much for replying =) I spoke to the hospital today (the department I'm having it done in) and they said cause I'm not swallowing it (it will be placed up inside the rectum), it shouldnt bother my coeliacs too much and that they can't mix an alternative. To me, this struck me as a statement from somebody who doesnt quite understand how sever Coeliacs disease can be. I'm just really nervous about it because unfortunately I'm one of those coeliacs that reacts badly to even the smallest crumb of gluten ha. It is really important I have the procedure done though so it's just weighing up the pros and cons I guess. I'm definitely going to have a good discussion with them before I have it done. I will let you know whether or not I have it done! =)


Why don't you ask to speak to a gastro Dr there and a Dr in the department and recommend they use GF flour? Surely can't be too hard - unless it has to be medically sanitised ? Let us know how it goes.


Hi Kirsty. My wife ex ICU nurse manager suggests that as it is placed via rectum it should not be a problem as there is so much bowel between rectum and villi. However we are not gastro experts. Good luck with the test.


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