Sore legs and fast pulse


I am new here. I have had an endoscopy which confirms I have coeliac disease. I know that I will now have to eliminate gluten from my diet. I am also B12 deficient. Could coeliac disease cause me to have burning/painful legs? I have also noticed that recently my pulse rate is high. I would appreciate any comments and advice you can give me.

Thanks very much.


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  • If you join the Health Unlocked Pernicious Anaemia group you should get some more answers. B12 deficiency can cause the symptoms you mention, as far as I am aware, and you should be receiving injections of B12 from your GP surgery. I don't know if coeliac disease can also cause those symptoms directly, but I believe it can cause neurological problems so it's possible.

  • Thanks Frodo. I do get injections but only every 3 months despite the neuropathy. I think I will try and push for every 2 months.

  • Hi Soos

    I got diagnosed coeliac about 15 months ago, didn't have the symptoms you mention before diagnosis but had similar symptoms this year, with heart palpitations, elevated heart rate - especially when waking up in the morning, and aching joints/legs. I had lots of tests which were all inconclusive, but suspect that eating oats may have been the problem. I didn't eat any after diagnosis but reintroduced them this year.. Have stopped eating them and I'm gradually feeling better so I'm guessing they may have been the cause.. So yes I'd say it's possible but difficult to be sure especially if you are also B12 deficient.. Hope you feel better soon.

  • Thanks j9cooke. I am hoping a gluten free diet will improve my general health. Fed up feeling under par most of the time. Hope you are keeping well.

  • Noticing a fast heartbeat could be a number of things: an allergy, one of the anaemias (most notably B12 or iron deficiency with coeliac disease) - with low hb the heart is having to pump harder. It's a toil on your body trying to deal with an autoimmune disorder.

    Make sure your medical team keep on top of blood tests so you're not trying to second guess.

  • Thanks very much Jacks. I have an appointment next week and will be discussing it with my doc as well as trying to get more frequent B12 injection.

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