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What are your best tips for overcoming being glutened?

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Everyone has their own solution to being glutened. What tips work for you when you have been glutened? Ginger tea for anti-nausea, tonic water? Painkillers?

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Ginger or peppermint tea for the first day add in some boiled rice in the second day a hot water bottle and some TLC


steamed veg and bananas


I think that less is better so I just drink water for the first 24 hours and sleep as much as possible. I find even drinking tea just upsets my stomach even more so let my immune system get on with it.

And then avoid rich and spicy foods for a couple of days.


i dont have pain but feel tiered but just drink water dont think i got it as bad as some and recover very quike takes me 2days


I agree with the others, Drink lots of water and rest up lots.

It depends on how bad the glutening is.....

When I was OD'd on it abroad, I collapsed and went to a homeopath, it took 3 weeks treatment.


I just drink lots of very warm water, sometimes with a slice of lemon in it. Plus hot bag/hot water bottle helps too.


Depends on the severity- when its mild I just feel like I have a bad hangover for a couple of days, so do all the usual stuff like lots to drink, sleep etc. But it has been so painful in the past that the pain was so intense I literally couldnt stand up, with blinding headache and all the other symptons we all knwow about.So then I do all of the above plus painkillers and take some pro biotics too. Happily -that doesnt happen anymore.


Went on holiday recently and ate most of a packet of processed meat containing wheat gluten accidentally because neither of us read the (tiny) ingredients label. After one night of bloatedness and sleeplessness I carried on eating and drinking normally, so the wine that I drank the following day( I was on holiday!) maybe blanked out out any further effects of being glutened, apart from a dose of the trots which lasted a day. Maybe a hangover and the effects of being glutened feel similar.


I think just straight back on a strict gluten free diet asap. Although my tummy is tender for a few days after vomiting so I am quite gentle with it and rest it for a while first with just water..


i have bad belly cramps,and my skin flares up really bad for weeks, my son who has downs syndrome, and needs to be near a loo ,his knees at the bk flare up an become so sore,and he also becomes tired an cannot eat for a few days,we both suffer badly with dh,an takes weeks to recover just a bit of gluten makes us ill.


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