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Anybody have any suggestions for pills to take when in the throws of crippling stomach ache from being glutened?

I am so worried about taking time off work when I get glutened and it seems to be happening more and more frequently now. If it happens when you are out and you can't even stand up to get home because of the pain, is there anything you can take to at least get you home again? I usually take paracetamol, Colpermin and Buscopan but they don't touch the sides if it is a bad one.

Any suggestions would be very gratefully recieved!

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Have you tried having an anti-histamine type tablet? Just know I'v spelt that on my mobile & spell check wont/can't even recognise the word. I have found if I take one quickly-carry them in my handbag for this & the darb bugs that always seem to target me no matter who I'm stood next too! Take them in the hope that it will ease the reaction to whatever Glutened me & pain relief I use is either co-codamol 30mg/500mg. Or an anti-inflamatory. As my joints always seem to seize up too. Have arthritis. An 'old wives' remedy my Mum passed on for the stomach cramps us 'girls' get. Was Indian Brandee. Available from pharmacies. You use 1 teaspoon of the stuff with 1teaspoon of brown(?) sugar, mixed with a little hot water from the kettle. Don't know 'how' it works, but it does! Doesn't taste very nice! But with what we have to go thru sometimes. What it tastes like is the least of our worries. Good luck, hope you find a combination that works for you soon. Carona


Thanks Carona I have never even thought about trying anti-histamines. I am desperate so I will definitely give them a go. I have a doc app next week so will ask for Co-codamol too then. So you think Indian Brandee might work in this case as well? I will try anything as it is so debilitating. Thanks.


Try ENTROCALM. Co codomol is not a good idea!


If I feel my tummy starting to respond, I've always found Motilium (Domperidone) works to settle the top end of my tummy - regrettably, I've yet to find anything that works on the lower end - I have to take both POM Co-Codamol and anti-histamines on a regular basis (for my back / skin respectively) - and I can't say either of them have had any obvious benefits for me - maybe they have and my experience would have been far worse without them.

I would guess you have to find what works for you.

The Indian Brandee looks interesting -


I take the antihistamines as they stop me itching so much and seem to shorten the time I have the reaction. I only take any medication if I think I have been glutened I don't take any of them every day. I get a very upset stomach and cramping pain in the middle of my chest just under the ribs and between my shoulders if I accidentally get any gluten. For this I take one Omeprazole and it usually takes it off the pain and sickness within about ten minutes, the runs I take buscopan for. I do not take any pain killers as I find supplementing with magnesium stops the nerve and joint pains all the time. Hope this helps, I carry a few of each tablet with me all the time , just in case!


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