Taking Ages For My Stomach To Get Back To Normal After Being Glutened Twice Over Xmas - Is This Normal?


I was glutened over Xmas (!!), once with the wrong stock cube in a casserole & once with soy sauce - & this time it seems to be taking ages for my stomach to get back to 'normal', it aches every time I seem to eat, my stools are not back to where they were, my joints ache, my moods are all over the place again - I would have thought it would have sorted itself out by now? I could cry with frustration as I was really progressing nicely! Is it also possible that you suddenly get sensitive with cross contamination, even tho I wasn't before?


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  • I feel really bad for a week after glutening but the joints take a lot longer to settle. You can also get more sensitive the longer you are gf - a gastro enterologist at a conference said that all the 'army' waiting to tackle the routine gluten still hangs about and pounces on the least smiidgeon of gluten so you get a big reaction. It is still pretty close to christmas.....maybe things will settle soon

  • You're right - I should be more patient.

    It's certainly taught me not to 'take one for the team' just to not offend people after they tried so hard to accomodate me...but failed.


  • the social angle is really tricky and harder, I think, than the restrictions and checking!

  • same here it took a week to get back to normal

  • hi, when i have slipped up in the past and eaten gluten it has taken me weeks to recover!! not only physically but mentally as well!! and its always difficult when in company and others have tried so hard to cater for our illness, i have been diagnosed for over 5 yrs now and still find it difficult sometimes, but i have a really great family and great friends that will now double check with me if i'm eating at their home, you will feel better soon :-)

  • Thanks for replying. It's just comforting to know that it takes other people weeks to get back to normal too & so helps to know there is light at the end of the tunnel again! It has done me a favour in a way, as I know I will be so ultra careful in the future, however tricky it will be, cos I just hate feeling like this. It amazes me what effect it has on the body. Heres to us all feeling better bit by bit, day by day.Thanks again.

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