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What symptoms do you get when you are glutened?

I was wondering what symptoms people get when they accidently ingest gluten? Do you always get the same symptoms, or do they change? Are they similar to the symptoms you had before you were diagnosed? How long do they last?

For me, I get the following symptoms (although not all at once), Usually they will last 2-4 days, getting milder over time.

- Extreme fatigue, but feel unable to sleep

- General feeling of being unwell - I call it the Jelly legs feeling

- Mild Nausea

- A weird "wired" feeling like I've just downed 5 espressos

- A cycle of extreme thirst followed by peeing

- Headaches (occassionally)

The are similar to the feelings that I had before diagnosis, but no where near as severe and thankfully without the racing heart that I used to get.

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Hiya- have to say that although I react more quickly these days to being glutened, since diagnosis & diet change 6 yrs ago, The reactions don't seem so intense or severe. Guess it's because it's usually an accidental cross contamination. Rather than a full dose..not tucking into the fresh..warm bread, from the bakery anymore : ( Or a pint of Abbot Ale...Reactions could be- full blown Asthma attack, sometimes managed at home if I used a combination of my inhalers(on 3 diff ones)plus oral steroids. If a really severe attack, Would mean paramedics/nebuliser/A&E managed. Has also meant time in resus & admission/on oxygen for anything up to 4 days. In addition have had periods of intense vomiting/diarrhoea. Or combination of all 3. Used to be scary when that happened,as was afraid I would choke. Had continual bloating, re flux type thing when bending over or lay too flat in bed. Flatulence(blushing now) Jelly legs/ palpitations- so glad you mentioned that too as Dr had put down to medication for asthma. Always felt like I was starting with the flu/ could fall asleep anywhr anytime- except at bedtime?

Reactions now- metallic taste quite quickly-about 10 mins or so. Followed by/blisters in mouth/bleeding gums. Bloating-diarrhoea or impacted bowel for anything up to a week. Most uncomfortable.. Prone to UTI's. Shakey/drained very sleepy. Coughing bouts- asthama flare up. Have arthritis & that always seems worse too for a few days after? Feels like when you'v had a hard workout at gym & muscles are buning/sore. Does that mean a Lactic acid type thing? Only been posting on this page for last few days- sorry I waffle on so much folks!...lol... But have had some food for thought replies (sorry) things my GP hadn't told me. The CD link with Lupus etc.

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i am new to this and finding it quite difficult i get diarrhoea for two to three days and feel continualy tired.not enough imformation given by authoraties.


Hi, it will get easier over time, not the symptoms, but the way you cope with them and the great information that you get on sites like this one.People on here and other gf sites are very supportive and know where you are coming from if you need to rant and rave about how you feel. Stay strong!


I get a really bad head ache the runs with sickness and my glands around my kneck swell up (lymph glands) and its like having gastric flu, the only good thing is I can't stop myself from sleeping and only wake to go to the bathroom. This lasts about 24hrs and then I gradually feel better over the next couple of days.

I am very sensitive to gluten and codex wheat upsets my stomach tiny allowed levels of barley malt give me sickness, a head ache + the runs. The same happens with millet flakes and I guess that's down to cross contamination when its milled into flakes. The last time I had millet was when a prescription co changed the recipe and I didnt read the ingredients until I had been ill. They replied very politely stating codex but I felt what a waste of time and effort and thats why I stopped getting food on script and I don't care about codex I care about life beyond codex.

As for waffling on LOL I'm pretty good at that coupled with drifting off at a tangent!


If I have a whole mouthful then within a couple of hours, four at most, I will be in the bathroom vomiting to bile, diarrhea, (or both - difficult to handle!), then I go into shock, violent shaking, coldness, near-faint. All this generally accompanied by moaning!

Following this, or if a less amount of gluten is eaten, extreme fatigue, itching inside, like a knee graze might feel but inside under right rib, all-over body itch, headaches, extreme sleepiness, pain around kidney area, cramps in my back muscles, tearful/ over-emotional, really grumpy, more likely to have asthma trigger, twisting bowels like a fork of spaghetti twisting, brain fog, poor memory (am I just distracted by my guts turning over?), bloated stomach.

Generally symptoms last about 5 days, but I'm starting to wonder if there is a half-life effect to it.

As Jerry (you suggested going non-codex to me last week, Jerry!) the symptoms are there mildly even with the minimum of gluten, particularly the fatigue and brain fog. Thankfully I'm starting to see light at the end of the tunnel - as long as I have no social life and scrutinise every food I even look at!


Like Flu without the snot! Aching joints and leg muscles, malaise, extreme fatigue, feeling like cr*p, severe diarrhoea, IBS, 24 hours after - flatulence. Rash on face - itching, dry skin.

Last serious one also gave me depression.

Wife can spot it before me when I complain of extreme tiredness or "feel like been run over by a truck".

Mild attack 48 hours. Severe one 3-5 days with some symptoms running on after that.


My symptoms vary according to the type of grain I react to and the amount I get accidentally (no way would I eat it on purpose!). I used to get an upset tummy, with horrendous pain under the middle of my ribs at the front and a pain so bad between my shoulders that took my breath away for hours on end. Usually this was a reaction to wheat or wheat products but eventually I reacted to rye and oats as well. I have terrible reflux and had to try to sleep propped up on four pillows if I got it. I felt terrible.

Since I cut out all grains after my diagnosis I have much less pain on accidental ingestion of them. I still get the strange feeling in my ribs and back but the upset tummy does not last as long now. I get itching all over my body, and a rash behind my ears and on my chest and upper arms that drives me crazy. If I have a spate of reactions in a short time I feel depressed and it disturbs my sleep with night sweats.

A few times I have felt very faint and looked drunk to others...and along with this comes nausea. I had my worst reaction to two crisps I ate in a bar...had to be carried home by my husband. I think my blood pressure drops too low if I get some gluten and I react. I also react to maltodextrin and to sugar free gum...not sure what is in that but one piece kills me! I seem okay with small amounts of Barley malt , but I don't push my luck with it.


I I get low blood pressure and just fall instantly to sleep. Its dead annoying!


My reaction is usually the next day for some reason and I get extremely severe stomach pains, where I can't stand up or breathe properly. Nothing seems to get rid of them except sleep. It definitely knocks me out too, although lately even sleep isn't curing it. I get brain fog too and the next day am still foggy and groggy and my stomach is really sore from all the spasaming. I get a lot of headaches but I haven't worked out if it is related yet. Only been diagnosed a year and three months. I can totally relate to the feeling like I have been hit by a truck.


I get really bad stomach ache - debilitating. Sometimes but not always followed by severe diarrhoea. This is usually preceeded by a migraine. I feel exhausted but cant sleep and I feel like I have been run over by a steam roller because I ache like I have done several hard hours in the gym. I have noticed recently that I feel very down when I have been glutened for about a day and my concentration levels are really poor. I always get a bout of mouth ulcers too and some severe bloating - looking like I am 6 months pregnant - some mean feat given I am a size six with a six pack most of the time.

I was only diagnosed in July this year so five months ago. I am still getting used to the new diet usually its cross contimination now that gets me. I can usually tell within about 20 minutes that I have been glutened and my husband is now become quite savvy at noticing it too.


Jerry has just gave me this link, this is me, now I am sure I have been glutened..


At first I get what feels like an adrenaline rush. My insides get jittery it feels like 1000 ants are doing a marathon through my blood stream. Then I start to get droggy. Sometimes the room spins and I can't keep my eyes open. My kids say my speech slurs and my body drags. People who are around me start freaking out. My director at school said I was mimicking a heroine addict overdosing. Then I pass out unconscious for 3 to 6 hours and wake up feeling like I have an ultimate hangover. Headache,body ache, weak tired, sluggish and spend my next day sometimes two like that.


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