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Colonoscopy and interesting benefit

I had a colonoscopy last week, following the continuous diarrhoea even on GF and lactose free. The prep day, using Klean Prep, was the best day I'd had for weeks! The nurses and gastroenterologist were surprised at this to say the least.

Some lesions were found which were biopsied. Results to come, with lymphocytic colitis suspected. However, since the prep day and procedure the diarrhoea has settled down! I wasn't expecting any improvement until some treatment was started, so this is an absolute bonus.

Has anyone else had a similar experience I wonder?

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Sorry, no experience of this one.

What I do really the idea you have the added bonus. Particularly as it is unexpected... long as you are well for a few days/weeks..enjoy things you want to do...

Go for it !!!


Pleased to hear you are having some remission from your symptoms. Sorry I don't know anything about this, but I found a short article on lymphocytic colitis.

I wonder if the FODMAPs diet would be any help?

Good luck with sorting it all out.


I agree Apricot - go for it!

Thanks for the article Penel. I wondered about the FODMAPs diet to try to sort this out. I'll keep you posted!


I had diarrhoea all the time before my CD was diagnosed, as part of the investigations I had a colonoscopy and so had to take yucky stuff to clear me out. I think it helped somehow as even though I had to continue with a gluten filled diet until my gastroscopy a couple of months later my diarrhoea wasn't as bad! I can only assume that clearing my system may have got rid of a build up of gluten/toxins.


Well jmjoh my benefit has carried on, almost a week later. Can't believe my luck! I too think that the clearout must have got rid of a build up of gluten/toxins. Long may it last!


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