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Confused and could do with some advice please?

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Hi there, I'm new her but just wondered if anyone could help me out.

I've been feeling unwell (nausea, some vommiting, unsettled stomach, diarrhoea, really low energy and 1.5st weight loss) since the last week in Nov.

I had bloods done and I have every low B12 levels.

I'm having my 5th b12 injection today and I don't feel any better.

My dad is coeliac and I asked for this to be tested, but the blood test came back as negative.

My GP has referred me to a gastroenterologist, but appt isn't until.the end of Feb.

Any advice?

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Your low b12 could give you these symptoms.

There is a forum for b12/ pernicious Anemea so you might want to hop in there and look at some of the related info.

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Whistler1 in reply to Lisahelen

Thanks for your reply.

I just though that as I've had my loading does for b12 that I'd see an improvement so was looking for any other causes.

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Lisahelen in reply to Whistler1

Lots of people actually feel worse during after loading and co factors of other vits minerals play a part in making it all work as well.

You sound as if you are suffering very similar symptoms to me just before I was diagnosed. As you know it's s difficult call. Give up gluten and you will probably feel better but to get a diagnosis via the gadtroenterologist you need to continue eating it I believe no easy answer.sorry .

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Whistler1 in reply to shonaha

Thanks for your reply. I agree with you, I'd rather know for sure. Can I ask, how long after your appt with the gastroenterologist did you have to wait for a biopsy?

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Rmichelle in reply to Whistler1

I had mine done the following week after seeing GI.😊

I have not had a biopsy. My blood test was conclusive so I gave up hluten there and then. Good luck.

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