Rollercoaster symptoms?

I'm not sure if it's just me, but my ever-present symptoms vary on intensity in intervals. I'll go for a while with reflux, fatigue and IBS symptoms that gradually get worse. Then, I'll get a sore throat, gradually get more and more tired and am completely knocked-out cold, only waking to vomit. The weird thing is though, after this, I feel quite a bit better- but then when I try to lead my normal life, it spirals out of control again. Is this my body telling me it can't cope? Or am I catching colds or something, quite frequently and struggling to fight them off? Does any one else experience this, or is it more constant for you? Quite a few questions there- sorry!

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  • Are you eating gluten?

  • Abby, are you taking any medication at moment for condition. You really are having a rough time I never really had reflux, the fatigue improved when I made sure about diet having vegs, protien etc., even when stomache and abdomen bad. never sick, mouth and tong and gums sore, was advised by some to take vitamins. requested protem pump from doctor which eventually did help. Each person seems to have various symptoms. My abdomen burning is almostsettled now. have also gone onto Soya milk and lactose free. No one seems to know what brings it about or best treatment. It takes time to sort out but you will, stick with it. Expect some advise to guide you will help soon.

  • You really need to go and see a doctor. Also, if they don't get it right and sort you straight away then just keep going back. Much of a medical diagnosis can be from eliminating things to reach the right answer. Also, if you don't go back then your doc will assume that the problem is sorted.I hope you get sorted soon x

  • If you are still eating gluten I think you have your answer. If you are not, could you have SIBO? (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth).

  • Hi Abby. You are describing vomiting symptoms very close to my own. I have had this at intervals for many years and I feel really ill each episode. I was only diagnosed with CD Feb 13 after my GP did a blood test for everything. The endoscopy confirmed CD but the specialist and my GP stressed there was no confirmation this would be causing the type of vomiting I have been suffering from.

    Like you mine nearly always starts with a sore throat, I get a headache at some point, am so sleepy I just can't stay awake, but I come to periodically to vomit, then within minutes I'm knocked out again till the next vomiting. The vomiting generally lasts 24 hours but I feel ill for at least 2 days. Once I can start drinking and eating gradually again I feel fine, till the next episode.

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