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Other symptoms of gluten sensitivity?



I don't have a gluten intolerance but I have noticed over the years that I've developed a sensitivity to gluten therefore I limit the amount I have. My diet as of about 3 years ago is low gluten, low dairy and low red meat.

I usually get an upset stomach if I have too much gluten / dairy plus bloating, gassy and burpy.

Recently I've developed what the doctors have classes as rosacea and put me on an antibiotic skin cream. I was wondering if the itchy face skin, coulpled with redness and sometimes small pimples could be a reaction to the gluten or dairy. What do people think? The docs says it's nothing to do with allergies.

By the way I have endometriosis, not on any medication, am 34, I get hayfever (limited to march and april) dietary changes are helping my endo symptoms.

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Hi Farahziya, it is possible that your bumps are caused by a food or other allergy. I have had that reaction before, but it was caused by Shea butter lotion. For me, gluten ingestion has caused stomach upset in the past. I do not eat anything containing gluten. Substitute brown rice for bread or try a gluten free bread like Canyon. Take care of yourself.

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I already reduce gluten, it's not an allergy - I know what that feels like.

This definitely feels like a sensitivity - I'm guessing something I normally buy has changed ingredients

Hi Farahziya,

I am sensitive to any wheat derivative, but not gluten as I am OK eating rye, barley, spelt etc. Could it be that your are wheat intolerant rather than specifically gluten? It took me a while to work out my triggers. I also get an itchy rash on my upper back, and sometimes on my face, when I accidentally eat wheat, as well as severe, but usually temporary, digestive disturbance. My GP has called it a wheat allergy on my medical notes because it is usually a fairly rapid onset. It's good that changing your diet helps with endo too. Other people have reported this if I remember rightly.

I will look into types of wheat as I can have some but not others, It may be something's changed in the food I get.

It's definitely not rapid onset though.

The other thing I forgot to mention is read all ingredient lists on food labels. Wheat turns up in unlikely places, like tinned soup, soy sauce, I even came across it in chicken liver pate last week. I was caught out by some honey smoked salmon flakes, there was Codex 'gluten free' wheat starch in the flavouring! Keep checking because recipes sometimes change. If you react fairly slowly, you are probably right about it being an intolerance. Non-gluten wheat intolerance is now 'a thing', and is getting more common.


Hi farahziya, if you're a reader, you might be interested in Wm Davis's book Wheat Belly. He has a lot of info on various reactions to gluten in people that don't necessarily have celiac, and he does cover rashes. There are lots of used copies on amazon. Or check out his website- wheatbellyblog.com/ Hope you figure it out and get better!


Too much dairy gives me a redness on my face, not quite sure if it qualifies as a rash. Why not try cutting out all dairy for a while to see if anything changes?

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