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Need some advice

I have CD and DH, my dermatologist ruled out dapzonefor me because of the neuropathy I already suffer and prescribed sulfapyridine instead, I took this for about 6 months all it did was reduce the itching and soreness of my skin, on getting blood tests they found my liverfunction test was not right and the numbers where getting higher due to this medication and my metformin for my diabeties. They have stopped the sulfapyridine and now want me to take an immunosuppressant, im worried this might be a wrong choice because i have a problem already with getting infections very easily, has anyone taken these drugs before and if so would anyone recommend this for of treatment?

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I took sulphasalazine for my arthritis for 12 years along with other drugs with decreasing effect. I had a supressed white blood count (immunosuppression) on several occasions which is a bit of a problem for a nurse working on an acute medical ward; I cought loads of interesting things!

Eventually I too was advised that an immunosuppressant drug was warranted and as Ia nurse i resisted for nearly 2 years before starting on methotrexate. While it has som side effects like nausea that took a while to sort out ( I take folic acid VERY day instead of just once a week as well as using ant isickness drugs on really bad days the day after the MTX dose) it was the BEST thing I ever did for getting the arthritis under control. Yes I do run a prettyl low white count and no longer work on the wards (but I am still nursing) but my disease has really slowed down.

there are many other newer immunosuppressants one of which my niece takes with excellent results but I am really happy with my MTX. The down sides may not be as bad as yo expect. You will be very closely monitored for quite some time after starting and the dose is generally started at a very low level and gradually increased to a point where you are getting relief without major side effects.


Were you prescribed the sulfapyridine for your DH? I have CD and DH and have no medication for my DH at all. I only get it if I have been gluttoned. I have a steroid cream which I can use to ease the itching for the odd time that I'm caught out. With all your other problems it might be worth giving your diet a good checkout to ensure you're not having anything that you shouldn't so that the DH isn't an additional problem.


I was prescribed it for my DH and my diet is fully gluten free and has been for the past 2 years, my husband doesnt eat anything with gluten in the house that way there is no chance of cross contamination and he always washes his face and hands after eating anything outside the house, he would rather do without than make me sick. Im always very careful about what and where I eat because the very smallest amount of gluten makes me ill, my DH was the reason i found out I had CD I had no other symptoms.


Hi, I'd say then that whatever is going on with your skin isn't DH if there is no possibility of gluten getting into your system. I suffer from eczema and psoriasis as well but each presents quite separately. Skin rashes etc are weird things and al-sorts of different conditions can cause a skin problems. I do hope you get sorted out soon


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