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Will the coeliac test work for me if I have hypermobility?

I was recently informed that the coeliac test wouldn't work if I was hypermobile, I have been tested before and it always comes back negative.

I was originally diagnosed as being allergic to wheat and other gluten containing grains, however this was recently changed to intolerant!

Also am allergic to nuts, fruit and veg, plus loads of chemicals.....

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I've never heard of the test not working for people with hypermobility. I do have hypermobility and tested positive for Coeliacs. My bloods were positive, my biopsy was inconclusive and my genetic test was positive, so my consultant concluded that I definitely have it.

I would be interested to hear if anyone has more information on this though!


There's no reason why having hypermobility would interfere with your antibody tests.


Who told you that - sounds like tosh. As Northern Soul says there's no reason why the test shouldn't work.


That's very interesting. I am hypermobile and have severe gluten reactions, and have been tested fo

r coeliac but came back negative. Was told by Consultant it was IBS (which I know it isn't), but he couldn't explain the joint pains and brain fog. If I keep off gluten the brain fog eases. I hadn't heard of the connection between hypermobility and coelic, but both are autoimmune issues. I suspect you will find it will come back negative again, so you won't get an accurate diagnosis. But good luck.


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