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If you have Coeliac Disease & Diabetes where have you found the most support?

i.e. online? from your GP? from your Gastro Dr? from your Diabetes nurse? from a dietitian? from Diabetes UK?

See for food tips:

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Dietician was good, she found two items of 'gf food' that I could eat safely! My diabetic nurse, though I am the only diabetic - coeliac on her books is always supportive, otherwise most other bodies other than GFG are fairly lost!


I received support from lots of sources and rate them as follows:

1. Friends with coeliac and diabetes and on-line sources

2. Diabetes consultant who had been involved in a study of diabetes and coeliac

3. Gastro dietitian (although she knew nothing about diabetes)

4. GP - seemed really well-informed.

5. Coeliac UK for initial info (referred there by gastro consultant while waiting for appointment)

6. Diabetes UK - they don't really understand much about carb counting for GF foods and I challenged them on their latest publication on which is limited to a "normal" diet. DUK are also focused more on Type 2 diabetes than Type 1 and don't really know a lot about insulin pumps.

7. Diabetes nurse didn't have much knowledge

8. Diabetes dietitian admitted to very little experience.

9. Gastro consultant.


My GP was helpful to a point and willingly gave me a prescription for gluten-replacement foods. But my main source of info has been this forum and as a consequence I now avoid lots which Coeliac UK says is okay for me and don't use my prescription allowance.

Reply has some members who also know about diabetes


It's very disturbing that so many of you have found Diabetes UK / Coeliac UK and medical professionals in the dark on how to cope with both conditions. Have you emailed the societies you belong to and asked them to do more features on managing both conditions?


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