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Why you should give up coffee if you have coeliac disease

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From various nutritional lectures we've known that coffee can be a cross reactor e.g. your body attacks coffee in the same way as gluten. So if you find coffee doesn't agree with you it's worth avoiding it for a while and assessing how you feel off of it.

Here's a video explaining more.. It's a controversial topic we know as there's limited published research on this in the UK although the USA seem to be delving into this further. This video should inspire some interesting debate:


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I am glad its coffee and not tea. Its very rare i have coffee but i really love my cups of tea .

Hi Fiona, a very interesting video so thanks for posting it. I used to love ground coffee but realised after diagnosis that it gave me the runs.

We had a similar conversation on another site and many other coeliac had issues with coffee but not tea and we assumed it was because coffee has more caffeine and we were reacting to that.

I love how the Dr in this video says ''now don't freak out'' And it makes perfect sense that other foods/drinks will cross react in coeliac and I suspect this is the beginning of more similar discoveries about coeliac and ''our'' immune systems.

I agree with Jacksnana about being glad it's not tea as I love my tea and often make it in a tea pot.

I feel like I'm saying this a lot but this is complete rubbish. There's absolutely no literature on this in peer-reviewed journals (I like how he says 'internal research from a newly opened lab'- this is code for 'bullshit').

The tests he recommends on his website for this is from a company called Cyrex Labs which peddle the same nonsense IgG testing as I've discussed previously on these forums so I won't go into it again in detail. The fact remains is that IgG levels (to exactly what protein in coffee he thinks cross-reacts with gliadin, I haven't got a clue as he conveniently neglected to mention it) do not correlate with symptoms and may even be an indicator of immune tolerance to orally-ingested proteins.

I'm also prepared to bet a large amount of money that from the number of times he links to it on various pages on his website that he's in the pocket of whoever these Cyrex Labs are. And I have no idea what on earth a chiropractic neurologist is... He's certainly not a medical doctor (or a PhD for that matter).

Don't cut out your coffee based on this. Please!

Thanks for your comments NorthernSoul. I dont drink a lot of coffee but the thought of knocking yet another drink/food from what I can and cant have depressed me when I read this yesterday.

I agreed with northensoul and tmoxon, these types of comments are nonsense and waste of time. What is coffee to do with gluten??

I have 1 or 2 coffee a day and I have been a diagnosed for 13 years and I have never had any problems with it.

Let,s drink coffee!!

So there's a molecule contained in coffee that attaches itself to your gluten antibodies and flashes its strobe light so that yout T cells come along and attack it.

I'm glad I gave up coffee to keep my blood pressure down. I used to drink 5 or six big mugs of really strong coffee every day. When I stopped it made me feel ill.

But all those strobe lights! No wonder I used to get bad migraines.

So it was the strobe lights I could see flashing in my eyes just before my eyesight went completely and I had to go and sit in a cool dark place to get my sight back.

Hello, I'm new here, not new to celiacs, I was diag over 2 yrs ago now, still suffering so I had another biopsy last week, told me mild lactose intolerant now..

This is when I stumbled on this video. Is it true that if I have milk by accident then my body will suffer the same as if glutened as like he says about coffee. It's all very confusing for me.can anyone enlighten me?

Also I have been eating GF products mainly from tescos and sainsburys since diag..


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NorthernSoul in reply to Ian67

Lactose intolerance occurs in coeliacs because the lining of the small intestine is damaged and is therefore unable to produce large enough amounts of the enzyme lactase which digests milk. When the milk goes undigested, bacteria in the colon ferment it and this causes bloating, wind, abdominal pain etc. It is not the same process as occurs when you eat gluten- in this your immune system reacts to gluten and attacks the gut as a sort of 'innocent bystander'. It's this that causes the damage that can lead to lactose intolerance.

It may be that you are a super-sensitive coeliac so perhaps you could ask to be referred to a dietician or keep a food diary to identify which foods give you symptoms. Obviously if you are lactose intolerant, avoid milk-based products although you will probably find that when your gut does heal fully this will improve.

The video about coffee above is nonsense- if you're alright drinking coffee then continue to do so.

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Ian67 in reply to NorthernSoul


I have been on a gluten free diet now for 24 years. I have always drank coffee with no problems ??? I have Lavazza coffee these days, as a late type of drink with no side effects, is it possible my body does not have cross reactors to coffee ? I feel pretty healthy most of the time but will try and have a few coffee free days (if I can!) to see if I feel any better. Thanks for the info. Ali FHP

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