How many of you have been diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease (arthritis in discs)?

DDD is generally likened to getting grey hair, we'll probably all get it and it's part of the natural ageing process. But I've noticed that Coeliacs in their teens to thirties are mentioning they have it. Could this be linked to Coeliac Disease? How many of you have it and what have you been told?

How are you managing it via drugs, physio, exercise, surgery?


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  • Hi,

    I am not coeliiac but just intolerant of gluten. But yes, I have DDD. I manage it with drugs, physic/exercise and TENS machine.



  • Me too, I have gluten intolerance, and degenerative disc disease. I am 60 and have had it since I was 42. I too use a Tens machine and generally keep as fit as possible.

  • Is there a pattern here? Im GI too with degenerative spine! Mines been generally manageable up until now with just flares handled with Physio but starting to get worse due to being less active. Hydrotherapy is good but surgery would be an absolute last resort.

  • Interesting. And I wonder how many of us were diagnosed in our 20s and 30s which is more unusual. Makes you wonder whether the coeliac triggered problems in certain discs as osteoporosis and arthritis are so closely linked to CD. Or maybe not absorbing vitamins and minerals including calcium, and low vitamin D weakened key discs?

  • I can certainly vouch for the connection at the moment. An extremely painful back for over 2 weeks. But had it for years on and off.

  • I think there is a connection. I suspect I have been Gluten intolerant for many years as I now have arthritis in all joints, even my jaws. A Dexa scan revealed two spinal fractures which came as a surprise to me when the Nurse said this.

  • Me too, I am GI and have DDD and had to have a discectomy four years ago.

  • I have never made a connection before, but I have Spondylolisthesis which was diagnosed about 12 years ago together with arthritis and had surgery for an internal fixation of the lumbar spine two years ago, (which has been very successful for me, especially in releasing the nerves which were trapped and allowing me to walk properly again). Around the same time I was having lots of problems with my bowel which was diagnosed as Diverticular disease. After taking meds prescribed by the specialist and not finding any real improvement, did some homework on line and decided to try a gluten free diet. By the time I realised that it was working it proved difficult to be tested for coeliac disease, both blood tests came back negative. I have stayed on a gf diet and by and large it works until I eat something containing gluten, when I really suffer. I have also recently been diagnosed as lactose intolerant . Is there a connection there?

  • Sure is a lot of coeliacs are also lactose intollerant.

  • I am a celiac sufferer who maintains a STRICT GF diet. I've been having major tingling & pain in my left arm, headaches, fatigue & throbbing in feet. Today, I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease in my lower cervical vertebrae.  What's the best treatment y'all have found?

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