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Hi there everybody , this is my first time on posting on this site , i have been reading topics on this site for a long time and thanks to all of you for your understanding and fantastic support , i am sure this has already ben posted but in case it hasnt , i found the himalayan sauce company make a range of sauces that a GF and wanted to share it with you .....

i have been a suffering few a while now but only recently have understood what my condition is and how to deal with it and mainly thanks to all your suport on this site , lets keep up the good work :-)

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  • Oh I like the look of these.. Its so hard getting a gluten free sauce that you can be sure has no hidden gluten.. It doesn't look like you can order online though..Or maybe I'm being dim and can't see



  • From what I could see you can only buy online if you are outside the UK

    asda and sainsbury's have the sauce in store.

  • I agree , asda and sainsbury are listed as they main stockists , but i was reading through the customer comments and a few customers have spoke about buying it from lidel as well , i have tried the sauces that i could buy and they are great no effect on me what so ever and they taste good well :-)

  • go to, they have amazing gluten free curry sauces and they taste fantastic, you only have to add water and cream, but I use natural yoghurt........very authentic, bit pricey, but worth it to have a great curry :-)

  • Oh I like the look of these.. I have ordered a selection to try

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