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Hi again all . On holiday now and must admit it is a bit of a nightmare trying to find places catering for gf . Found a fish restaraunt and had a child's cod and chips ! The first time for years as I just don't eat fatty food , it was very nice but the last one for another few years ! . Just what do you eat when away ? As I have a underactive thyroid also I am very careful what I eat as I have difficulty keeping my weight down . How does everyone else cope ?, any help gratefully received . Thanks 😟

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  • Hi, I always Google the place I'm going well in advance. My husband does this too and recently contacted a bistro to suggest they might develop a gluten free option for when we arrive at our holiday destination.

    I'm not sure how long you have been diagnosed, or if you are coeliac or gluten intolerant. I could never attempt to eat any gluten deliberately as I would be ill, and would hate being ill when not at home.

    The last time I unknowingly ingested gluten I ended up back in hospital, it just isn't worth it to me.

    We find, and frequent, places to eat where the owners/ chefs, and waiting staff, know about and understand gluten free requirements, and we tell them that because they cater for me they get the custom of my whole family! (If I'm out with my daughter who is vegetarian they get a double whammy!)

    Also there are websites where people share gluten free cafes, restaurants etc they have found and I think other people on here will have links.

    Enjoy your holiday - sometimes we find hidden gems when looking for gf friendly food.-

  • Maybe you need to seek out a B&B owner who is also coeliac like me. I know where I can eat locally and pass this advice on to my coeliac guests. There are a number of websites/apps you can also use but their info can sometimes be out of date.

  • Cruising, except for MSC. Wonderful gluten free food. They show you the menu the night before, you choose what want, and they adapt it for gluten free

  • I adopt a policy of eating what I can and having plenty of snack bars in my suitcase for emergencies. Too much planning in advance takes a lot of the fun out of it, for me, I would prefer to go with the flow and hope I don't need to fall back on the protein bars. It's actually very rare in my experience that a restaurant can't rustle up something for me, even if it's not a combination that would be my first choice if I was cooking. Also sadly IN GENERAL the more expensive the restaurant the better they are. Never had any issues with GF in top end restaurants, but chain pubs that do everything straight from freezer to fryer are going to be a nightmare. And obviously I'm not going to have high hopes of a fish and chop restaurant or pizzeria unless they advertise that they have GF options.

  • I have recently been to Spain and found if I ate at the Spanish restaurants they were very helpful. I showed them a translation card which I printed off. And yes did have a lot of salad, rice and jacket potato. But most would offer to cook me something and one even separate chips with Mediterranean vegetables with chicken or steak. Fresh pineapple with sorbet for desert. Also in UK find Weatherspoons make it very clear. And exchange chips That are Coated in flour. For jacket potato and salad, they also do a gf apple crumble. And they are every where in UK. But I do always tell them an they always note it on the order. I have never had any problems with their food. And today I am going to my local chippie for lunch in Pooles holiday town. They do amazingly good GF fish and chips. Mmm! Hope you enjoy your future holidays PS I alway take a lunch box of bread and some sweet biscuits as well.

  • I so wish wether spoons didn't coat their hips in flour!!!!

  • I wish they didn't season their chips with flour as well. But most pubs and a lot of resturant do or cook them in oil that has been used for frying batter and other gluten products. So that is even scarier! So I usually avoid fried food out unless I am certain. But I eat fried food very seldom anyway. Like to make my own at home where it's nice and safe.

  • Absolutely! Nothing better than home cooked food.

  • Hi

    Coeliac UK website has an eating out guide and trip advisor is good too for finding gluten free eateries. I always do my research before we go. You do not say where you are on holiday?

  • Im sure you are back from holiday now but for other times and gluten free people I have found that the Facebook groups for gluten free and coeliac such as coeliacs eat out too' are really helpful - if you ask a question about suggestions for places to eat you usually get a response from someone straight away, I have found iit really helpful as its usually people with very local knowledge who reply. Other useful chains are TGI Friday's - suprisingly good at doing gluten free these days, Nando's too and my favourite Handmade Burger Co! I even got told of a Chinese restaurant in Southampton which has a gluten free menu - very good it was too!

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