Hi there guys just thought i would tell you of my experience yesterday whilst waiting in Dominoes pizza, my daughter wanted pizza for her tea, i took a seat in there and it was a 25 min wait so it gave me the opportunity to have a nosey around-it was interesting to watch but have to say my suspicion of being glutenised a couple of months back as been confirmed when i ordered a gf pizza for a treat- on watching there is flour everywhere from work surfaces and in the air- one guy came across to the dough and shook flour everywhere that went up in the air like a big dust cloud, wiped his hands all over the apron and then went over to the toppings and dug his hands in there. Several people attended to the same dough mix and kneading it. I think cross contamination would be really high in this place as it is all in the air.

I did have a little word with one of the staff about cross contamination issues-who was very polite but it does state they cannot guarantee that your gf pizza will gf. If you are celiac like me and are very sensitive i think give it a miss. 😊

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  • Hi Rmichelle, I think that you made the right decision, another thing that bothers me about GF pizza's from regular pizza parlours is not only the shared oven but pizza's are often cooked directly on the oven rack.

    Jerry 😊

  • Yes you are right-it was a real eye opener and seeing it for myself made me realise in a environment like that with flour everywhere it just cant be guaranteed and i do think also rhink staff are not educated and trained enough on the dire consquences if people with celiac do get cross contaminated, not being funny but if you dont know anything about gluten you probably think abit wont hurt!! No thankyou.😊

  • ha ha - hilarious - did you give him a gluten free kiss for his dough rolling?

  • Lol g, ooh er-he did have very good technique going on.😊

  • Have you read post under neath about TTG levels by Shirley whirl? What were your results and are you having another test as it is six months since the last? Cross contamination might occur when packaging flours as well as on the shop floor. Even oats may not be completely untainted by gluten if products are being packaged in the same area - it is a bit miserable when you can't buy a reliable 100 percent gluten free product when you go to pizza parlours or cafes and restaurants.xx

  • Doing it now g.x

  • Hi,

    I really like your post. Have you sent a copy of the above to Dominoes? It would be rather interesting to know what their head office make of your experience. x

  • Thankyou regalbirdy-i did sort of think about it and thought no point , however i think it would be good to see what is said. I expect the pizza dough is gluten free but cross contamination may hapoen like it does state but my opinion would be off: it would happen to be glutenised.😊

  • Might be worth giving them the chance to investigate.

    It could potentially save any number of other trusting souls from getting glutened there in future.

    How about giving the email a title such as: The gluten free pizza that may contain gluten!...


  • Yes good idea, i will do that and i when i get a reply i will post it on here😊

  • Yes I too think this is a very good idea to send a copy to Dominoes. Please let us know what they say.👍

  • We did a gluten free cookery course, and not one coeliac there had a good thing to say about dominos. I really wish they'd take them off the approved venue guide!

    Did you know Pizza Express use gluten free flour, even for rolling out gluten containing dough? So even if it gets in the air, it's not a problem :) if you want safe pizza, go there!

  • I would never try a Dominoes GF pizza for entirely different reasons to those mentioned above. Going back almost 28 years my brother who was staying with us at the time said he would treat the family to a pizza one Sunday evening, naturally I was delighted, 'no cooking tonight, yay!' I thought. The pizzas duly arrived and we all tucked in, I did think the tiny meatballs on mine had a strange texture but everyone else was happy with theirs...but...that night I was up all night with diarrhoea and vomiting (I'd always been a bit prone to tummy upsets) I just knew it was the pizza! I felt awful and had four days off work, returning on the Friday still feeling unwell and still with occasional diarrhoea. After a week I visited the doctor who gave me Imodium which helped a little but I continued to have evil diarrhoea twice a day and still felt pretty grim. After a while I returned to my GP who immediately referred me to a gastroenterologist, long story short after an endoscopy I was then diagnosed with Coeliac disease. Strangely enough about six weeks before my appointment with the gastroenterologist my symptoms improved and I was feeling much better even though I was of course still eating gluten! Hence I blame a Dominoes pizza for kicking off my Coeliac disease!

  • Yeah, it was pizza hut/dominos that would get my OH initially. He didn't react to anything else, but a takeaway pizza would upset his stomach for a couple of days.

    I don't know what it is about takeaway pizza, but when he went to the Dr and asked to be tested for coeliac disease, and his only symptom was an upset stomach after eating a takeaway pizza, they actually refused to do the test at first.

  • Poor you, i would not ever entertain gf pizza there again as i said before it was a real eye opener- i do t trust eating out very often and boxing day dinner at the in-laws i was like a bull to a red rag just questionning poor mum-in-law about the food, roast potatoes and pigs in blankets and her gravy, stuffing i could not eat and even had to ask if anything had been cooked on a tray with gluten😨.dont think she will want to invite me again.ha. its a nightmare isnt it.

  • Yes eating out is challenging, but fortunately for me I am not massively sensitive, however if in doubt I leave it out! We ate Christmas dinner at my daughter's my son in law cooks and is very clued in luckily, my OH and I prepped the veggies and provided GF stuffing, sausage meat, Christmas pud etc. so all I rarely if ever get immediate reactions. Interesting to hear what Dominoes have to say for themselves, obviously when I had my 'incident' there were no such things as GF pizza or much more than Px bread, flour and biscuits, and I was unaware of CD in adults.

  • The in law saga is the prop of most comedies - next year you'll have to find a good carvery for Christmas lunch - the pigs in blankets - sound ghastly - just bacon rolls? Bring your own nut roast next year - I made one for a veggie fan - it was delicious.- think the thyroid was to do with your irritable behaviour - and wanting to have Christmas at home with you in charge.

  • Lol yes, had xmas dinner at home, hubby does it and he has been educated on do's and dont's and it was lovely, yes it is thyroid anger!!😠😠😠

  • I am going to email Doms today and see what they have to say.

  • Thank you for the confirmation that I will continue to avoid pizza outlets.

    In a previous life when pizza was served, my friend would eat the base and I ate the topping. He would chunder the tomato topping.

    And a former squeeze (now a dietician) cooked the most amazing deserts in a pizzeria, despite being diagnosed coeliac herself.

    Cross contamination is a recurring hazard when ever eating out. I saw a South African chef boil the vegetables in same water as pasta.

  • Ooh no in the same pot as the pasta, thats bad😠 really i think the only people we can trust is ourselves.x

  • Put on your catering pinny - you could be another Mary Berry - just joking!

  • Now thats never going to happen!! Im useless as you know when it comes to cooking, 🍰🍕

  • You are hiding your sweet potato soup under your bushel - tee hee.

  • Its about the only thing i can do half decent, i did do a carrot and parsnip one the other day,vit was really nice but hubby and daughter snubbed it😕.x

  • have you tried leek and potato soup - not blended but veggies cut small. with a few shreds of carrot to give it colour seasoning with sea salt, and black pepper if you like it - you can add milk and butter if you like a bit or leave plain - pooh to the sniffy attitude of hubby and daughter - bet you loads of rows in the kitchen making your gluten free recipes and trying to keep clear of ordinary flour - ha! A fatal attraction with a bag of cluten free flour tipped over your husband's head !

  • Lol G, you truly have a talent-i am in the making of a leek and potato soup!!! I have blended potaoes added a splash of cream and kept leek chopped finely, salt and pepper. Pinch of garlic. Just seen your message whilst blending. Cant believe that.ha. yes i will glutenise hubby😠

  • You've hit the jackpot with the recipe - hope you get to see your doctor about your ferritin results- celiac disease needs treating with symptoms like these as the essential iron, is not sufficiently ABSORBED - being gluten free is not the only part of your problem. Expect you are fed up with taxis to doctor's - expensive - leaving you frustrated. I looked on the nhs website to try and find an out of hours dentist in an emergency - lo only an 0845 number costing over a pound a minute from main line phones and from mobiles - for people who have to count every penny why shouldn't nhs numbers all be 0800? Even in hospitals they have a an expensive pay scheme to make calls. I think it is disgusting the policy of 0845 numbers and car park fees in hospitals hits the patients and their friends and relatives with people who cannot afford to visit. Think the anger you are feeling is not helping your stress hormones. Take care.G

  • Yes i will get appointment with doc this coming monday regards to iron.just feel deflated with travelling by train and taxi to see useless endos who know even less than i do. I will perk up though and bounce back xx😊

  • Exhausting waiting for a ten minute appointment-not much to show for it.

  • Try waiting 30mins and then 40 mins consultation. Waste of effort g.

  • That sounds like a master chef recipe with the cream and garlic - hope it went down well!

  • No pizza place can stop cross contamination. Unless you buy GF Pizza from the grocery freezer and cook it in a GF home, it will get you sick. Been there. A white cloud of flour is normal at all of them, so I just will not eat anything in a pizzeria, not even steaks.

  • I agree just best to avoid! Buy your own. Sent email to Dominoes but no reply as yet.

  • Unless there is the separate kitchen with its separate oven for all GF products, cross-contamination will take place.

  • Cant see there was a seperate area for gf it is pretty much open plan in there, you could see everywhere.😊

  • That's the point :-) Unless there are separate areas for prep and cooking it is best to avoid the risk of cross-contamination.

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