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Love your gut week!

Love your gut week!

Did you know it was 'Love your gut week'?

No, neither did we until a little birdie on Twitter told us. It was from 23-29 August yet you can still get involved. So what does it all mean eh? Well the lovely people at Yakult, The Gut Trust, Core and the Irish Society for Colitis and Crohn's Disease (ISCC) have created a lovely web page to raise awareness on how to love your gut. It includes tips on healthy eating, exercise and more. Plus you can request a hard copy or e-copy of their hints and tips pack. Just click here .

They also have some great sections online explaining how your gut works. So you can understand what those rumbles and gurgles really mean.

We think it's a great initiative to try and raise awareness about a part of the body that is hidden and often overlooked. As all of us Coeliacs know a healthy gut means a healthy you. So have a peek around the site and see if there's any new tips for you to keep your gut healthy. There's also a celebrity section with some role models offering their support.

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