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my yr old daughter has celiacs she was tested at 18mths i went on the atkins diet a few months ago and when i started eatting bread again found that i was soooo ill it was untrue doctor has now said she will test me but omg its making me so ill having to eat bread and such like to get my glutin levels back up. with 5mins of eatting any thing with it in im in so much pain id rather give birth lol god i hope this is worth this but now i know how my lil girl feels :(

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It's always worth getting a true diagnosis. Remember you can also drink things with barley in and include foods with soy sauce. Always worth asking your Dr what the minimum is you can eat so you can get an accurate test as possible whilst avoiding feeling too sick.


think im gona need to ask the doc the joint pain and tiredness is just getting me done now really didnt want to get up an go to work today :(



My coeliac 'trigger' was pregnancy. I thought it was motherhood for the first year!

Have you thought about getting one of those coeliac kits from Boots to test before your test? If you come up positive on that then you'd be ready to see the doc - might get you in a little earlier.


having my blood test on tuesday my doctor was really good about it as my 4yr old has it an all thought iv never really eaten alot of carby food its always made me feel grotty afterwards but went on the atkins diet and as you know its no to all carbs did this for 6wks and then when i ate bread afterwards omg thouhgt i was dying flu like aches and pains headaches and down below well just not nice at all bloating the whole lot , stop the gluten and no probs ...


My 9 year old has never had a true diagnosis because our GP (mistakenly) took him off gluten for a month as a trial and we have never been able to get him back on it for long enough to test him. He is just so ill so his consultant says that is diagnosis in itself and he is treated as Coeliac.


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