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What positive - yet unexpected lifestyle change - has coeliac disease ignited?

For example a newbie group here is called from 'Couch to 5k' ( and encourages people to take up running. Is there something that you have embraced as a radical lifestyle change alongside your coeliac disease diagnosis?

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As much as I wish that I could eat anything and I dislike the fear of food factor of being a coeliac.

The one outstanding good point is that being a coeliac is it keeps me on the straight and narrow diet wise and my philosophy is ''I eat myself healthy'' I also suffer bouts of microscopic colitis so I NEVER drink alcohol. (And there's times when I'd love a large Jack Daniels or 2) And I was also diagnosed with osteopeenia 10 years ago so to build up my bone density and to stop me getting osteoporosis I exercise regularly. And I regularly go off roading on a mountain bike and it's fun.

But would I have made this effort otherwise?

There's also a psychological positive side as well, in that I spent years before diagnosis feeling run down and concerned about what lurked deep within in me. So that now I appreciate feeling well, This is something that most people take for granted. So I have a feeling of contentment and ordinary wheaties are always saying to me aren't you healthy and aren't you lucky!!! And I think that I'm lucky because you can not buy health or happiness and a sense of well being is priceless.

So to me this is the benefit of being a coeliac regardless of the restrictions. As a healthy attitude coupled with a healthy diet and regular exercise is the key for a sense of well being.


Being Coeliac has made me aware of what is in my food and this means I can make healthier food choices. So many people just choose food based on media advertisements, fancy packaging, cost and general taste etc and don't realise they are full of chemicals.


i totaly agree with you both . and if i do eat something im unawere of i should nt eat it just makes me more carefull. in the future wot i eat.


I also feel that we coeliacs eat a lot more healthier food stuff than your average "wheaties". Having to make most meals from scratch you do know what goes into them, therefore they have less chemicals and preservatives and usually calories etc. It also makes me a more organised shopper. I tend to plan meals a good few days ahead and therefore waste less. Living with a husband and son who are vegetarians the kitchen in our house is always a hive of activity, all good though. We are not just coeliac, we're special!


Being hypothyroid too, I have had weight problems all my life. I go to Slimming World, which works most of the time-I've lost over 2 & a half stone now! Since being diagnosed Coeliac, it's so much easier to not give in to the cravings for biscuits, cakes, & all those other things that make you fat-double incentive!!


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