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New piece of research linking Coeliac Disease and Endometriosis

Although it was a relatively small study the findings are interesting. If there are any Coeliacs within our group who have edometriosis you might also be interesting in viewing the endometriosis group here on Health Unlocked.


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I'm just recuperating from a gynaecological operation that should have been keyhole but ended up bigger because the surgeon found a lot of scar tissue. She mentioned the possibility of the scar tissue having been caused by endometriosis when she saw me the next day but I wasn't in a fit state at the time to question her further on this. I've never had any of the classic symptoms of endometriosis, other than knowing that I was infertile. I have been wondering if my having coeliac disease might have played a part...


It's interesting Sally as lots of the recent info we've seen on endometriosis is now calling it an autoimmune disorder i.e. where the body doesn't completely shed the cells that it should each month. This is why endometriosis can attach itself to the bowel, bladder, lungs - it's much more than the common perception of 'just painful periods' and like Coeliac Disease, on average it takes around 11yrs for a woman to be diagnosed with endometriosis. It is often put down to IBS.

Good luck with your recovery and do check out the endometriosis site on here which may help with any Q's and give you some ideas on what you need to ask your doc on your follow up visit.


I'll certainly mention it to her on my follow up visit. Interestingly her colleague, who came round the next morning, is coeliac herself.


I had Endometriosis for years; I was diagnosed with a serious autoimmune condition 4 yrs ago and I KNOW I am gluten intolerant and put myself on a GF diet 5 months ago.

Things are beginning to make sense.......


I had endometriosis (although it didn't have that name then) and had a hysterectomy 30 years ago, pernicious anaemia diagnosed 15 years ago and coeliac 4 years ago, it has all got to be linked.


Hi all

I was diagnosed with wheat-gluten sensitivity just a month before I got diagnosed with endometriosis too! I dont know if it linked, but it could be since the first thing in an edometriosis diet is to avoid gluten 100%.

I remember being bloated and with really bad indigestion after pasta, bread etc and this was building up until to the point that my gastroenterologist diagnosed the gluten sensitivity and after a month i got the endometriosis verdict too

Jo x


Hi i have chrons disease and endometriosis i have no immune system been on steroids 22 years


Hi Leslyanne.

That's a long time to be on steroids! Is there nothing else for you? Who do you see about it? My husband has Crohns but luckily only needs steroids every so often. There are new drugs out there, similar to what they use to treat rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune disorders, injections or infusions of biological agents. (I Have RA and inject myself with one of the drugs - it works miracles). Crohns is a terrible disease, as is endometriosis. I suffered with it too, having lots of treatment and operations and sadly infertility. I do hope you're doing okay.


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