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What is the best coeliac awareness raising campaign you've seen?

With Coeliac Awareness Week starting from 14th May in the UK we wanted to know what you think the best awareness raising campaign is. Do you agree with the UK campaign to get non-coeliacs to go gluten free for a week? Do you think this is effective at raising awareness or not?

In Australia they have had campaigns focused on getting more men to get diagnosed with a campaign on 'have you lost your mojo?'.


What is the best coeliac awareness campaign you have seen? What would be your ideal?

We'll be running our usual twitter hashtag campaign next week. If any of you are feeling creative and want to suggest the best hashtag we should use - dive in and suggest away. Just bear in mind it needs to be short so when it's retweeted people can see it & it should be something that has coeliac or gluten free (gf) in the tag so people searching twitter can spot it.

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