This is one I have asked Coeliac UK and got a "don't know" - what countermeasures can you adopt after consuming gluten accidently?

So, the scenario when you have consumed gluten accidently and get ill - are you aware of anything that can minimise the symptoms? I asked Coeliac UK and they were wary of answering as they did not want coeliacs to carry on eating gluten and treating the symptoms. Whilst I understand this pov, for someone who is in the midst of a reaction it can be miserable. Only thing I have found that helps is mebeverine for the IBS, but this only helps one symptom and if you are quick enough to catch it.

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  • Unfortunately, I have found no medicine or substance that can alleviate the symptoms once gluten has been accidentally eaten. When it happens to me its mostly stomach cramps and migraines, so its sleep for me, not helpful if you are out and about. If anything does help slightly its eating lots of other food, like rice or chips, and drinking fluids a fair bit, but its not a solution, more just comforting. Remember that every coeliac is different in their reactions in intensity.

  • I use glutenzyme capsules just to be able to be in a room with people eating cake or stay with my sister. WIthout these I have to be a social recluse. They should help with accidental ingestion but I dint have these the last time I ate gluen (had a pappadum which had wheat in it, four days in bed). Worth a try.

  • Some people find IBS meds like Buscopan useful for cramping and if you know you are going somewhere and can't risk any rushing to the loo symptoms from being glutened, then holiday anti diarrhoea tabs can be useful too.

  • Anti-diarrhoea tablets help a little, but i just have to sleep it off

  • personally i get prescribed minimally & take only if necessary SHS elemental diet which i find amazing as it contains all the nutrients you need but also anti inflammatory medication.....also i will take a strong herb tea mix of camomile ( anti inflam) mint (anti inflam) nettle ( nutrients & trace elements)....also in the longer term i will sometimes take enzyme digest or acidophillis supplements to support my guts ability to function & reclaim some ability....also the rest bit works as i am one of the folks who feel like my brain begins to shut down as my bodies defences concentrate on my gut....somewhere safe & warm if poss & even medic alert jewellery if you get faint with it....good luck

  • I use liquid Iron to help me...but its in your system and it has to come out, but i have found that flora fibre gluten free helps me and i have had coeliacs fifteen years x

  • I use IBS medication, or take Ranitidine (prescribed for excess stomach acid) and often an analgesic (paracetemol or stronger), drink plenty of water, and generally curl up in a ball until the symptoms subside! Drinking an aloe vera liquid also seems to soothe.

  • I found a brilliant help is Nettle drops (from health shops). you put a few drops in a glass of water and drink that as soon as you can after realising you have been glutened. You may need to do this 2 or three times.

    I find this helps more than anything else.

    Its not a miracle cure, but it certainly takes the edge off!!

  • MY specialist told me to eat a banana every morning because if a "small" ammount of gluten is eaten it wraps itself round it in the stomach. Worth a try.

  • I take Omeprazole if I get accidentally glutened..... which takes away the stomach acid and the pain I get just under my ribs and between my shoulders...buscopan stops cramps if I get the runs and antihistamine stops the itching...I find clarityne D great as it has a decongestant as well in it as some reactions leave me blocked up nasally or with itchy rashes. I carry them with me at all times just in case. For long term I found digestive enzymes cut the severity of the stomach upsets if I get some gluten accidentally

  • I find upping fruit and veg in my diet helps soothe. bananas seem to especially good.

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