Small fibre neuropathy with coeliac?

Hi all, I was diagnosed with coeliac last August, it started with having painful feet in Feb2011 which then spread to my hands a month later. My feet felt like I was walking on pebbles and I also had a burning feeling. Having been gluten free for 9 months my feet have improved that they only hurt when standing a long time or walking over ah hour also sugar seems to be a trigger too. At night I couldn't bear the sheets on my feet and i struggle to use my electric toothbrush as I can't bear the vibrations in my hand. Having seen the rheumatologist yesterday he has put me on b1 vitamins and referred me to a neurologist. I am only 33 and hope this damage to my nerves can be reversed. has anyone experience of this?

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  • I have plantar faciitis in the soles of my feet. It sounds similar: sore bottoms of the feet, burning, hot, feels like I'm walking on cusions of air but painful or smooth pebbles. The palms of my hands have been sensitive and tender for many years. My husband massages my feet with peppermint cream or aloe vera cream to give me temporary relief. I did have a sonic treatment which many people have found helpful, but because I also have Fibromyalgia, it caused more grief that help. I am currently using a Swiss made, restorative hand cream that is giving me some relief in my hands. I don't know if our problems are the same but perhaps my experiences will give you some things to try.

  • yup the same here--I contacted the leading specialist in London and he says that the neuropathy caused by undiagnosed coeliac may reverse itself BUT it is unlikely.--I also have raynauds- double whammy!

  • I have the same but i have it in my knees, shoulders and arms, I did a blog about it ealier last month, I was advised vitamin d deficency, so maybe get vitamins levels check, i think alot of GP take a trial and error approach to coeliacs.

  • I was diagnosed with vulvadynia which is very debilitating and it causes burning and pain when sitting and walking. It too is related to inflamed nerves. And different foods like wheat and other grains and sugar cause incredible pain. I got this and celiac within the same timeframe. But with vulvadynia you have to eat a low oxalate diet which restricts the kinds of food you can eat even more. I'm doing better but the nerve damage is still there which has affected sexual activity with my husband.

  • I was diagnosed with a peripheral neuropathy in my hands and feet over 10 years ago. I had realised that I had lost the 'fine tuning' in my fingers and toes and also had difficulty distinguishing temperature. I was also occasionally getting painful pins-and-needles and electric shock sensations. The neurologist was able to confirm the neuropathy but not the cause as at the time it wasn't associated with coeliac disease. I was diagnosed with coeliac 2 years ago although the neuropathy remains and I assume the damage is now irreversible.

  • Thank-you everyone for your comments its good to hear I am not the only one with these issues. Was cleaning and tidying my house for 2hrs yesterday as we had visitors coming and by the end if it my feet were burning red again and painful, my hands not so bad. After resting it goes away. Not related to any food consumed just doing too much. Everything in moderation I guess for me until I have more tests.

  • re the neuropathy have you also considered b12 deficiency/pernicious anaemia - this condition can also causes nerve problems

  • Ah thanks for this terri, will quiz my gastroenterologist tomorrow and enquire about it.

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