Just diagnosed with Coeliac

Just been diognosed with Coeliac 1 week ago. I am trying to get used to being on gluten free diet. I am finding I have had headaches and being a bit dizzy. Also ,experiencing anxiety spells. Has anybody else experienced these symptoms ?

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  • I don't recall the headaches and dizziness myself, but I experience the anxiety, mainly over food.

    Whilst you might find that you feel a little out-of-sorts at first as you get used to the new diet and your gut recovers from the damage, you may want to speak to your doctor if you're at all worried. In the meantime though, perhaps look over your diet, and see if you're getting enough in the way of vitamins, etc.? I'm just thinking that if you ate a lot of, say, wholegrains pre-diagnosis then cutting these out of your diet might result in a few deficiencies

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  • Your GP should be doing a load of blood tests on you know you've been diagnosed. Should also being seen by gastroliths and nutritionalist. Look at NICE guidelines. I felt very tired for a few days slight headache. But after a week felt the huge foggy cloud that had been over me all my life. Imagine taking antidepressants for 40+years to find out it's gluten that's making you feel depressed. It's also sorted out my bladder I always had problems weeing.pain gone in foot that kept me awake for 15+ years. My menstrual cycle has now gone haywire now I'm off the gluten. Hang in there it's bound to take a while for your body to rebalance itself.

  • Thanks for your reply. I have also been on antidepressants and never had a good memory ! So I'm hoping for big changes. I've had bloods taken and waiting for the results. Just getting used to buying GF foods being vigilant about my diet. I am a bit apprehensive going out to eat with friends at restaurants as I want to keep to the diet to feel good . Thanks again for your advise.

  • No problem I only got diagnosed 22nd Dec? I cook from scratch bread everything always have. I'm also wholefoods plantbased. My husband has also gone gluten free so I don't get contaminated at home. I see from a post flour dust is still settling 24 hours after you use it! So much to learn!!

  • It is early days. Wait 2 weeks to see how you feel. Fog lifting is a common symptom to GF diet. Be aware of hidden derivatives. Corn oil can be mixed in vegetable oil. Caramel from where?

    Dizzy headaches may be reaction to withdrawal of certain harmful foodstuffs. Bit like coming off an addiction.

    Or increase of something. Tea?

    As I wrote be patient, see what transpires. Your GP is just that, general. Work out for yourself what works. Use others advice, this forum.

  • Thanks for your help.

  • Hi babe you will feel depressed for a while getting used to a new way of eating but there so much gluten free wheat food out there that are tasty even crusty bread & pizza bases & you get your basic stable food free on prescription like bread flour mix & cereals not so bad though but only buy food that says on the labelling gluten free or what I buy free from gluten & free from wheat becouse I lost so much weight with trusting labels & family & eaten out but I would say to you hun even a crumb mixed in yur food would giv u gluten problems so get yur self a new toaster thats important becouse you can not use your familys toaster becouse you will be glutened & the symptoms are hell & never off the toilet so be safe & if in doubt with something leave it out babe patricia

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  • Hi I felt worse for about 6 weeks but now very slowly feeling better. Someone explained it to me as going on a detox your body is getting rid of all the poison and that's how I felt. I also find the GF foods didn't make me feel great and dietician advised it's the additives and high sugar in some. You have to work out what works for you and it is certainly a challenge. Dairy was also something that I have had to cut out for time being until gut heals.

  • Have headache which I've had off and on for 3 days. Hopefully it will all work out in time . Thanks

  • Theres certainly a load of undesirable extras in gluten free commercial food. I'm only a newbie to being a coeliac . But for a year before hand, Oh the irony! I have been eating very simply. I follow the work of the WFPB Drs, Campbell, Esseltyn Ornish, Barnard, Greger, McDougall and many more. Basically eating food in its most natural state. Only eating foods you could produce in your own kitchen. In other words you couldn't make oil so don't eat it. They tend to eat mountains of potatoes not smothered in fat with veggies and a sauce. In other words anyone can make their food you don't have to be a magician in the kitchen. You make it as easy or as complicated as you like. We are all brain washed into being told we need calcium from milk to make strong bones. Wrong milk leeches calcium from our bones. Calcium is found in vegetables as is protein you don't need to be be eating meat dairy or poultry to obtain protein. Most people eat too much protein it causes kidney disease amongst other things. Any way what I'm trying to say is you don't have to eat the manufactured rubbish that comes out of the billion dollar coeliac band wagon. Think outside the box open your mind to eating and seeing food in a different light. You may find you enjoy oatmeal (gluten free of course) with veggies for breakfast. Taste buds change dramatically within 28 days. Look at the Engine 2 kitchen rescue, forks over knives, plant pure nation, Vegucated all films that open up a whole new way of being healthy. Sorry I'm on a crusade to get the information out there. Power is from taking responsibility for what you put in your mouth. It cured my husbands chronic arthritis in a couple of weeks.

  • Yes panic disorder started shortly after I went gluten free. It was awful. I found it hard to breathe and swallow. I had very low ferritin levels which I was told caused the panic attacks. I'm on ferrous fumerate which has helped. I am tested every two months. CBT and running helped with the anxiety. Hope you feel better soon.

  • Thanks for sharing your experiences . Panic attacks are so disabling but good to know they will go !

  • I should have also said all my initial blood results have come back showing I don't appear to be having issues with my B12 or iron levels. Which I am over the moon about.

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