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New theories that are creating problems for coeliacs

Hello Everyone,

I have read several articles recently that indicate that besides the worry of gluten and the various sensitivities that form after being diagnosed - such as becoming lactose intolerant for some, there are now other things that may trigger off certain conditions. Allegedly some of us may develop problems with proteins that resemble gluten.

Amongst the many I have read, I have found an article that explains both the facts and theories which are easily understood. If you have a moment to spare - please have a read:

Those of you who may know more about the problems contained in the article, please share with us all .. I do so like my broccoli and bananas and most importantly my honey!!!!!!

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Hi Lynxcat

I'm not sure that the Sarah Wilson article is describing anything new, but it's a useful article.

Having a compromised immune system is likely to leave you open to other problems, unfortunately. It seems common to become more sensitive to other foods. I cannot eat yeast or much sugar, and my reactions have become more marked since having to go gf.

I don't think you need to worry too much about salicylates and amines in food. If you are allergic to them the symptoms seem fairly clear. Many natural foods contain tiny amounts of 'poison' but our bodies cope with them fine.


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