Gluten Free Guerrillas

Coeliac Disease and Gluten Free recipes in the media

Hi all,

Despite a recent confirmation that I am not Coeliac, and nor do I have DH, I still have a keen eye for things I feel might be of interest to you.

With Coeliac Awareness week nearly upon us, I am seeing bits and bobs appearing in various resources, one of which was Metro yesterday, which had nearly a whole page dedicated to coeliac/gf info and recipes.

One particular magazine has been catching my eye recently, and that is Healthy Eating Guide. May's issue had some great recipes for the sweet toothed Coeliac and June's issue has a bit about allergies, intolerences and diseases associated with these. They also label which of their receipes are GF and how to make non-GF recipes GF, if it is possible to do so. Definitely worth a look!


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