Contraceptive Pill & stomach?

Does anyone know which pill is the least harsh on the liver & stomach? I'm due to be switched from Dianette to Marvelon by my Gyny Dr as he thinks I've got Endometriosis but wants to switch pills to help reduce my odd bleeds and pelvic pain which I've been getting even though I've been taking it back to back for a year. Have any other coeliacs got any good recommendations? I forgot to ask at my last appointment.

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  • i personally have come off the pill & bee switched over to the depraver injection, i hate needles but its once every 3 months, and i can honestly say its the best thing i have done. i suffered really badly every month & was very heavy, which when you are already anaemic isn't very good, also i was put on marvel on, and my headaches & migraines suffered more than ever so i would suggest possible doing the same.

  • * marvelon

  • i have been advised not to rely on methods that are oral due to stomach problems & this makes sense to me....why not look @ the implanon (rod in arm) if you are happy to be putting hormones into you...goodluck

  • I have recently undergone a laparoscopy for suspected endometriosis but luckily they didn't find anything. At the same time I had a mirena coil fitted as I was told it would help my heavy painful periods and it seems to have done the trick in being less heavy. Might be an alternative if you didn't want an oral pill.

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