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Childhood stomach pains

Did anyone have childhood stomach pains growing up?

I had mysterious pains which would come and go. The Dr's couldn't figure out what was wrong and when appendicitis was ruled out, I think they thought I was making it up!

I assured them that the pain I was having was VERY real. :-(

Just wondered if this was the start of my gluten sensitivity.....

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I am also almost sure that my gluten issues go way back into my childhood. Never had the stomach pains though.

Instead I had a number of other problems over the years that were treated in isolation - that I now think we'll caused by my coeliac disease, including iron anaemia.

If you want to know more about my history, you are welcome to take a look at the post I wrote in answer to teresagreen's question regarding her 11 year old son which was posted a few days ago.

I think it entirely possible that what you experienced growing up could have been caused by gluten. Awareness of gluten intolerances has really increased in recent years. Back when I was young in the 70s and 80s, medical understanding was a lot more limited.


Yes I also can remeber getting awful stomach pains when I was young. I also had periodically alopecia, joint pains and a bit of depression and anxiety. So I do look back and think I have always had it, and it wasn't until 6 years ago I was diagnosed due to severe diaharrea



I also had stomach pains from the age of 10 (1950's), started losing weight and diarrhoea from age 6/7.

Kept being investigated for appendicitis for 10 years or so. Strange that they didn't take into account that my aunt was coeliac and my mother had DH..............x


Yes likewise, got really bad around 15 years old. Drs couldnt diagnose, had barium meal to check for ulcer around 29 yrs but another 3 before food allergies found, then coeliac later. two out of three daughters gets pain now, teenagers, and a number of friends children- IBS is the common diagnosis


Yes, I can remember bouts of agonising pain as a young child. Doctor decided it was anxiety about school. Later had terrible period pains, followed by endometriosis. I feel very lucky that I managed to have a family!


Snap! Snap! & Snap! I too had agonising period pains & endometriosis! I now also have a rare autoimmune condition.

Phew! Is gluten responsible for all of this?

My sister also has an autoimmune condition.


It does seem likely that gluten is responsible for a lot of things!


I had stomach pains when I was a child and also was very skinny with a big tummy, looked like an Oxfam ad child! My mother was asked to attend school to explain why she was not feeding me! And this was in the 50s. Had painful periods too, and had to have teeth out due to no enamel on them. It was explained as shortages after war.

It was not until some years of IBS thaf I was checked for coeliac and as I have said elsewhere the blood test was positive but the endoscopy did not show this. However, having stayed off wheat gluten for the last eight yrs has improved skin and the IBS. Just now have GORD instead.


It could be anything.

Check out in Ireland. Ask for Simon. There, they, like myself provide Field Control Therapy. It`s your best bet, because we deal with the cause of disease.

There are 7 main causes that need to be dealt with that only FCT can address. The treatment will take some time, and some discipline in diet and electromagnetic abstinence, but will bring recovery.



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