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Tooth Extraction - What to eat?

Hi Guys,

I had 3 teeth extracted on Thursday after years of fighting with bad teeth caused by (I'm sure) undiagnosed coeliac when my adult teeth were coming in.

My question is, at the minute I'm fine living at home on soup, ice cream, scrambled eggs, mashed potato and vitamin pills, but, as I've had them taken from both sides on the bottom, I can't really chew, and I'm due to go back to work on Tuesday, what do I eat at work?

I work a 10 hour shift, and don't have access to any uncontaminated cooking equipment or a freezer or fridge, and all the soup from the "klix" machines contain gluten.

Any ideas?

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I make a quiche and use mashed potato instead of pastry and the next day when it is cold it slices just like quiche made with pastry and is great for work etc.

The best way to make it is to cook and mash the potatoes and line a casserole type dish with a thin layer of potato and bake while mixing the eggs etc for the quiche. You can also make mini ones in ramekin dishes.

Or you could take in soup in a thermos. And as a last resort you could take some instant mash to work and have that with cottage cheese etc. And all you need is access to a kettle.

I sometimes buy alpro soya chocolate deserts as they do not need refridgerating.

And I hope that your gums heal quickly.



Hi, what cooking equipment do they have? I'd recommend making your own soft food and just reheating in a microwave at work (you can reheat in tupperware or bring your own plate/ cutlery in etc). Themos as jerry said is great, soup is ideal. Esp if you make your own as you know what's in it. Or heinz tomato is nice. A lot of supermarket own brand are also gf, nataurally. Good luck. Get well soon. I had all my wisdoms out in one hit and soup became my best friend!


How's the teeth now?


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