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Foods and drinks that i question

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Just thought it would be good to share the foods that are gluten free that you have issues with.

Mine are below:

Fanta = Ulcers in mouth

SWEDISH GLACE = mainly the fruit flavors,Doesn't give me abdomen pain, just diarrhoea and shallow breathing at night.

RICE = in larger doses (plateful) has given me bloating, tiredness and pain before.

Yoghurts = not really found one that is good for my digestive system, i could be lactose or soya sensitive/intolerant though.

Those free from Jam tarts = goung down my list i think i have an issue with sugar as these things like fanta ice cream rice and yoghurt tend to have a fair bit of it in.

Grapes = bloating and abdomen pain

Anyway can't think of anything else off the top of my head but there have been a few other foods and combination of foods (like if i eat a lot of acidic foods my bones ache a lot).


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i have problems with mashed potatoe and tinned tomatoes am always bloated after and mrs tiolet lol also some cheeses carnt have shop brought egss have to be real freash and cola fizze orange dont know why xx


same here with grapes and oranges dont know why xx


Hya folks I'd be interested to know what rice you guys use? I use basmati rice and wash it thoroughly and you should never stir rice when it's cooking as this releases the starch.

When I was first diagnosed I came across some coeliac who had issues with Uncle Bens rice as they reckoned it was coated in an enzyme? they also add high levels of sodium to some 'instant' microwavable rices.

In the US they also coat fruit with enzymes to protect them from insects and to make them look shiny.

I get mouth ulcers if I eat Marmite which's classed as gf in the UK but is made with spent brewers yeast (from malted beer) And the linings of our mouths are very sensitive like the linings of our guts.

People who are wheat sensitive avoid the low cal fizzy drinks as the artificial sweeteners and colours are often wheat deriv's


I react to artificial sugars and bloat a lot. Maybe these are also the problem.


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