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I was wondering if anyone could recommend a preservative free alcoholic drink. I can no longer drink alcohol as I get a very tight chest minutes after having only a few mouthfuls and it lasts for hours sometimes. So I am thinking it may be the preservatives. I have noticed it's bad with wine, ginger beer and french martinis - that's all I've tried so far. I have just been diagnosed with PCOS so this has come on at the same time as this. Thanks for any suggestions. xx

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  • Hi Glitzygem,

    Sorry about your latest diagnosis with PCOS this must be a very difficult time for you.

    Are you sure that it isn't the gluten that may be causing the problem with the alcohol? Wine is notoriously bad for having small amounts of gluten and the only ginger beer I have seen free of gluten is Crabbies. There could however be other problems within the alcohol that may be causing health problems. Many alcololic drinks contain sulphites usually, I believe upto 350ppm, pesticides, histamines, tannins, milk derived casein, yeast, wheat, corn, fungus, etc. There are a multitude of things that may cause problems such as Sodium benzoate which is a preservative and dangerous especially when combined with citric acid. Wines and spirits should say which preservatives they contain but they rarely will claim to contain any of the other items such as yeast, fungus, histamins, etc. Alcohol can be a minefield for any of us.

  • We find good old cider is fine from independent brewery's and Whiskey

  • thanks for your reply Lynxcat.

    Yeah it's been hard, but hopefully I'll be myself again soon.

    Yeah it's the crabbies that makes my chest tight and that used to be my favourite drink too. God, never realised how much rubbish there was in alcoholic beverages, so it could be anything. I'm hoping it's just a passing phase until I'm better again. xx

  • Perhaps you may fair better with something like advocaat? I am more than hesitant at trying anything new - it's always the thought that it may make you feel dreadful for such a long time afterwards. I appear, so far, to be okay with Lambrini (a sort of perry), suitable for vegans and it is said is made of natural ingredients - although it does contain some sulphites! ;)

  • I'll try both drinks, thanks. xx

  • I can drink a little Prosecco without any ill effects but not much else. I found this article about wine and the effects of sulphites (eg. asthma) - and some examples of sulphite free wines.

  • i used to love prosecco, I'll give the sulphate free wine a try. thanks. xx

  • I worry a lot about wine etc as far as gluten goes. I'd really appreciate a definative list of what we can drink. Does anybody know of one, please?

  • Hi Lamcg, I have just uploaded a pdf that is an M & S product list which also contains wines. At the top of the list they do say that products do not contain gluten. So I hope that this is of help to you. :)

  • Just spotted it-thank you Lynxcat-at least that's something-I do miss a glass of wine with dinner!!!....Err-anytime, not just Christmas!! Maybe the supermarkets do the same-must check it out!!!!

  • You'll have to let us know if you find any secret listings Iamcg!!!!! I don't know, we are all sounding as though we're missing a little bit of alcohol! Lol!! ;)

  • Im ok with cherry brandy and cointreu. wine cases trouble, and lots of other tipples

    good luck

  • I must admit I too love Cherry Brandy and also Tia Maria .... ah the truth is coming out - it must be because it's nearly Christmas!! Lol! ;)

  • I hope this helps. I did not drink alcohol for 7 years, then on a visit to the manufacturers of Rum, I was given Havana Club to try which I was told was pure. I have checked the bottle but unfortunately it does not state ingredients, so I can only tell you that it works for me. good luck.

  • Hi, I recommend trying Hollows & Fentimans Alcoholic Ginger Beer (as you're fond of ginger beer). I had some recently in a pub. The label proudly states that they don't add any preservatives. Unfortunately, the website doesn't give an ingredient list, but I'm certain it's gluten free (you could maybe email them).

    I normally drink Crabbies, but I did consider trying to source some of this instead when I read the label and realised how many chemicals are added to it.

  • Some months back had one bottle crabbies Ginger beer, about hour or so later had extra bad reaction...was really disappointed, similar reaction when foolishly had wheat.

  • Hi I have asthma and after not drinking anything for two weeks realised my sense of smell had come back, the asthma nurse previously told me it was due to my asthma i couldnt smell properly .So i searched on line for sulphite free wine and found a website that sells low sulphite wine am pleased to say i ordered some and so far have not had any bad reactions .I have to say that i didnt realise how many chemicals are in wine and of course supermarkets dont stock low sulphite wine as they are not so popular .If wine manufacturers had to label the contents they wouldnt bother making the cheap stuff !!

  • Patrone. The clear one. I think is preservative free. I did not have a reaction that i noticed and i have 2 take Benedryl before I eat or drink ANYTHING!

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