Does it affect my thoughts

Anyone knows if coeliac can affect my brain ?beacuse i feel like i can't focus and my mind is all over the place

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  • Definitely, I had a "foggy brain" for 3 years before my diagnosis. After a few weeks on a gluten free diet it was like a massive black cloud left my brain. All the best.

  • I didn't know that having a foggy mind is the same as feeling like my brain is trying really hard to work but it's failing i thought it was just not being able to focus but i'm glad it's not just in my head thank u

  • There was an article in the latest edition of 'Crossed Grain' (Autumn 2017 issue 99) from coeliac UK by a consultant neurologist whose research focusses on investigating cognitive deficits (concentration, attention and memory) in coeliac patients.. It's an interesting read. It says gluten ataxia is one of a number of neurological manifestations of coeliac.. So the answer is likely yes...

  • I think so. Also if you have not been absorbing nutrients properly you might get problems related to that eg B12 deficiency, and more.

  • I too have foggy brain.

    Hard to deal with

  • I get it too. Dont know if its coeliac disease ive been diagnosed with or possible undiagnosed fibromyalgia .just know i have a very foggy brain

  • If you're still feeling like this after being gluten free for a while, it might be a good idea to look at the possibility of histamine intolerance. I had to avoid histamine containing food and drink for quite a long time until my guts had healed properly.

  • It does, I was anxious, tired and depressed before my diagnosis.

  • Oh yes, foggy brain, before, but I also get it if I have inadvertently had gluten, otherwise it clears completely when I am well. .......As I am getting older (74) I find I have to be more careful on keeping to a very plain diet as I think all peoples villi are not as efficient anyway as we age so have to watch all carbohydrates which are digested on top brush borders of villi to maintain a clear brain and energy,

  • HI the article in the recent cross grain mag that Weee has referred to is by Prof Marios Hadjivassiliou, if you join Coeliac Uk you will receive this, he is based in Sheffield,

    He and another doctor called David Sanders have a special clinic in the hospital. Dr David Sanders has written a book called Gluten Attack which is very good and very easy to read.

    There is a lot of information about them on the internet if you google them.

    Hope you feel better soon.

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