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Does anyone know of any 100% gf restaurants in London? (Or UK?)


Hi all

I'm going to London on 1st weekend of March and would love to be able to go out for dinner. I am so sensitive to gluten that I can only eat in 100% gf places. I've been made very ill before from eating food cooked where flour is floating about in the air, or cooked in baking trays that have had gluten-y food cooked in it previously (even if they are clean).

I am convinced that in a city the size of London there must be somewhere!!

I am aware of 42 Raw which apparently has no gluten on the premises, but is only open at lunch time, also Annie's Supper Club which I've never been to, but is a bit far out and also fully booked that weekend. Also WAGfree bakery sounds awesome but also not open for dinner.

Any tips very gratefully received! Near to Hampstead or Knightsbridge would be ideal, or anywhere sort of central.

Thanks :-)

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Coeliac uk have a index on their site


You could try looking on here

Thanks :-)

Any idea about how to know if any are 100% gluten free? All the ones I can see have a general kitchen where they also produce gluten-containing food......


MaddieS - here's a link to Coeliac in the City's Pinterest boards which has lots of City restaurants that offer gluten free foods.

As you say, most restaurants that offer gluten free menu options also product gluten containing foods. The only restaurant that we have come across that is totally gluten free is Bruschetta, an Italian restaurant in Kingston. This is on the outskirts of London but easily accessible on a short train journey.

It's a while since we've been there but they were totally gluten free, making everything from scratch. Please ring them in advance to check this is still the case.

Sonianin in reply to Irene

Wow, I like the look of Bruschetta's online shop too, those biscuits look good! And they're not too pricey - Thanks Irene :)

Personally I do not even touch Gluten-free foods but find that Nepalese or Indian restaurants to be safer than any european food places.

I prefer to call myself as being on a coeliac diet rather than the misleading "Gluten-Free" diet

mcroucher1 in reply to pretender

I love Indian food but I'm never sure what I can eat as I find it difficult to make myself understood by the staff. What sort of things do you usually eat?

pretender in reply to mcroucher1

It should not be a problem saying you cannot eat any wheat. Most Nepalese and Indian restaurants use very little wheat in their foods it is more a Western thing.


Have a look at, they have devised Gluten Free travel cards in a variety of languages that you can download & you can take into a restaurant. I used the Thai one last week & the staff understood completely, without the usual niggle in your mind about whether they really understood your needs. Easier all round!

Cotto near Westminster isn't completely gluten free, but most of their menu is and all reviews I've read have raved about it. They have a website, and you could phone or email in advance to speak to them about your requirements.

I recently went for my first gluten free meal out at a local carvery. I booked in advance and told them about the condition. As well as steaming my vegetables separately , they also happily took my gravy granules and bought back steaming hot gravy.

It's not in London, but there must be plenty of carverys in London who would be willing to do the same thing.

Good luck

I quite often have a carvery without any problems, just careful what goes on my plate.

Thanks all! :-)

Bruschetta sounds great - will have to make a journey there one of these days!

The Walrus & The Carpenter in Whitby has just launched a new 100% gluten free cafe and supper club. Coeliac chef with loads of knowledge and skill…most of the custom is from regular non allergic people who are clearly fooled by quality taste too! Extremely magical little place too.

Hi MaddieS

This is the list you need!!



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